Sociology is the systematic study of society, its structure, institutions and human interaction. The Sociology Program at Albany State University offers a variety of courses to students working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and is part of the core curriculum of Liberal Arts. Students at Albany State University also have the option of minoring in sociology or concentrating in medical sociology, a subfield of the discipline that focuses on the social context of health, illness and healthcare.

Sociologists are needed today more than ever considering the vast social problems that exist throughout the world. Our students are taught how to apply sociological concepts and theory to create social change thus becoming engaged, socially responsible global citizens. We offer a wide array of courses including: Gender Roles, Social Stratification, Marriage and Family, Social Institutions, Global Health Disparities, Women in Health, etc. all of which are preparation for graduate study and/or careers in the public and private sector.

Students majoring in sociology at Albany State University are provided with many unique opportunities aimed at applying knowledge learned in the class room. Many of our students work with faculty on research projects in coordination with the Center for Undergraduate Research giving students the opportunity to work in our newly created social science laboratory located in the Catherine Marie Hartnett Building. Sociology students are given the opportunity to participate in the Sociological Society, a student run organization promoting social justice. Additionally, students with at least an overall GPA of 3.3 are encouraged to join Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society. Students also have the opportunity to attend and participate in monthly brown-bag sessions, workshops and trainings. Those interested in mental health can be trained in Mental Health First Aid sponsored at least once a year by the Department of Sociology and Psychology.

For more information about the sociology program please contact Dr. Pamela Brown, Assistant Professor of Sociology by email at or by phone at (229)-500-2165

Dr. Hema Davis,
Associate Professor and Chair

Associate of Science

Albany State University offers an Associate of Science in Core Curriculum Guided Pathway to a Baccalaureate Degree in Sociology that readies students for employment in many areas and especially prepares students for transfer to a four-year, baccalaureate institution.

  • Work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs): NGOs include organizations like the World Health Organization, Habitat for Humanity, or the Peace Corps.
  • Work within governmental agencies:at the local, state and national levels; within educational institutions, the criminal justice system, the health care system, social services…the list goes on and on.
  • Transfer to the Bachelor's Program:Albany State University graduates have transferred to our 4-year program, successfully completing their Bachelor's degree in Sociology. While other transfer options are available, Albany State not only offers a degree in Sociology, students have the option of concentrating in medical sociology. Some of the courses offered in the program include Cultural Studies, Family Studies, Gender Studies, Medical Sociology, Minority Relations, Social Movements, and Social Psychology.
  • Careers in Sociology:
  • Earn your Degree Online: Students can earn the Associates of Science degree in Sociology completely online. The flexibility of the online program allows students to enroll in courses that fit their schedule and the quality is that one would find in the classroom. Students can also register for general education courses, apply for financial aid, pay fees and buy books completely online.

What Courses Do I Take?

For more information:

Dr. Pamela Brown
Assistant Professor of Sociology
(229) 500-2165
Catherine M. Hartnett, Room 311