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Letter from the ASURams Global
Executive Director

Dr. Jean-Jacques MedastinIt is undeniable that the future of ASURams Global is largely dependent on a strong presence in the world of Distance Education and eLearning as those represent the most crucial aspects of 21st century education. The global workforce is fueled with progressive and technology savvy people who come from different walks of life and who expect the best from institutions of higher education. It is imperative that we, at ASU, remain competitive as the demand for qualified graduates increases.

ASU has a long track record of producing quality leaders and entrepreneurs who have made their mark on the history of this country. Yet there remain several individuals who aspire to complete their ASU journey, as justified by their numerous inquiries about online program offerings. Many of these individuals have busy lifestyles which make it impossible to return to the physical classroom. Therefore, it is crucial that we take an intentional stand for distance learning at ASU. We do not want to run the risk of falling behind in the race to make an impact on the massive online learning phenomenon that is sweeping the global market at an exponential rate. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a great example of how technology is rapidly transforming the design and delivery of higher education.

The leadership of ASURams Global understands that to remain competitive in such an advanced community of learners and providers, our focus should be on quality both in the design and in the delivery of learning.

This strategic plan is about expanding the major tenets of the University’s overall strategic plan which emphasizes the proper use of instructional technology for the purpose of providing enriching learning experiences to students and faculty alike.

ASURams Global’s strategic plan is about more than institutional growth and revenue. It underscores a massive opportunity to create increasingly relevant, engaging, and long-term educational impact for our students. It also showcases our strength in directly supporting faculty in their mission to deliver the highest quality technology-enabled educational experiences.

It truly is a new dawn at ASU. It is our time to embrace and develop the future of education. Through distance and global education, continuing education, and dynamic online learning systems, ASURams Global is poised to lead ASU into the future and provide a premier learning experience for the Rams of today and tomorrow.

Jean-Jacques Medastin, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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