Academic Advising

Individual academic advising is provided for all students in the Honors Program. Advisors will be able to inform students about university programs and the many resources available to help students make their undergraduate experience successful and productive.

For freshmen entering during fall semester, the advisement process begins during the summer orientation and registration period. Students are provided an opportunity to meet with the Honors Program Director/Coordinator to review their academic background and interests. After meeting with the Honors Program staff, students are referred to their major academic advisors for final scheduling of all classes.

Students will need to declare a major no later than the Spring semester of the sophomore year.

In addition to individual conferences with students, the Honors Program Director and/or Coordinator will conduct a series of information-gathering forums for students at the freshman and sophomore levels. The forums will explore different fields of study and may feature professors who will discuss their own backgrounds, current trends in their disciplines, requirements for majoring in the fields, and opportunities for research and work in their areas of study.


Velma Fudge Grant Honors Programs students are advised and encouraged to embrace educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting. Some of the possibilities are:

  • study abroad
  • independent Research
  • cooperative Education
  • community service/volunteerism (service learning)
  • internships
  • attendance and/or participation at special local, regional, and national cultural events to include local symphony and theater performances; program-sponsored social events and special program throughout the year
  • forums and conferences with the University President, members of the cabinet and/or faculty members
  • dialogue with distinguished scholars and lectures (Writers-in-Residence)
  • special academic and research conferences and meetings
  • participate in the Honors Program Learning Community