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  • Students who are academic scholarship recipients, academically talented students and are entering freshman and transfer students with a proven dedication to academic excellence and scholarship.
  • Students who attain both a 3.25 GPA after completing 15 credit hours at ASU, and submit two (2) teacher’s recommendation may apply for admission to the Honors Program.
  • Students who maintain the required requisites and GPA for the ASU Honors Program will graduate with “merit” distinction, with the appropriate honors cord(s).
  • The Honors Program will sponsor the Honors Council.
Generally all students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and make steady progress toward completing their programs of study. In specific instances, students receiving special scholarships must fulfill the requirements of those scholarships. In addition, students are expected to perform at least 80 hours of community service over the four-year period, serve on an Honors Program committee at least one semester, be active in the Honors Council, and participate in a conference experience.
Yes. All students are required to apply for financial aid. The financial aid may be needed in the event that students fail to fulfill the requirements for their specified scholarship(s). Thus, the Pell Grant and/or Hope Scholarship may be used to fund their education.
You must fulfill the requirements for the scholarship. If the scholarship specifies that the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA or above, then the student is required to do just that. Students who do not do so will lose their scholarships.
All honors students are required to take six honors Curriculum Courses, which include:
  1. HONR 1201 Honors Foundations of College Success
  2. HONR 1111 Honors Humanities I **
  3. HONR 1112 Honors Humanities II**
  4. HONR 2111 Honors Humanities III**
  5. HONR 2112 Honors Humanities IV*
  6. HONR 1161 Honors American Government**
* As required by major
** Substitute for Art or Music Appreciation-Completion of Honors Humanities Sequence