Albany State University has a rich history and tradition of academic excellence. Our students enjoy the benefits of a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs providing a solid liberal arts foundation. With four colleges with more than 30 undergraduate and 12 Graduate degree programs, there are many options for you at ASU. Albany State is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. With several other accreditation, we want to ensure that you will receive a rich educational experience.


YOUR Potential. Realized. begins here at Albany State University, our goal is to help students realize their potential. We prepare students for success in their life and careers by offering students educational opportunities, guidance, and support that extends beyond the classroom. Students who are interested in pursuing a degree but have not yet obtained a 4 year college degree or to obtain a second bachelor’s degree.

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Through the many graduate programs offered, our goal is to ensure academic excellence for each student by providing in-depth, quality instruction. Upon graduation, it is our vision that every ASU student gain the skills to compete in a technologically advanced society, have an understanding of ever-changing world events and adapt to them with an appreciation for the importance of lifelong learning.

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Veteran Admissions

We recognize veterans and military men and women striving to receive their education and take pride in helping you achieve your educational goals. We provide resources for military veterans, spouses and their dependents.

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A transfer student is a student who has earned at least 30 transferable semester hours (45 transferable quarter hours) from a previous institution. Minimum transfer GPA is 2.0.

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Spring 2017 ASU/DSC Transfer

Students wishing to apply for Spring 2017 admission to either ASU or DSC as a transfer student from either ASU or DSC may do so using the special application found here (

As you are aware, ASU and DSC are in the process of consolidation.  This consolidation is anticipated to be officially recognized by the University System of Georgia (USG) in early December and recognized January 1, 2017.  At such time, all students of both ASU and DSC will officially be recognized as students of the new Albany State University.

Prior to this official recognition as one university, both ASU and DSC officially remain separate institutions. As such, your application for admissions to either East or West Campus (the new terminology for respective physical campus locations of the new ASU) is a requirement at this time.  To eliminate barriers to this process and to make the transition for students such as yourself as easy as possible, we have created a one-time application available for use at either campus.  This application does not require an application fee.

As part of this application process, you are still required to secure transcripts and personal records in order to complete your admission.  To simplify this process, you will need to call or visit the Registrar’s Office at East or West Campus and request your official records be sent to the Admissions Office of the campus you wish to attend for the Spring 2017 semester.   Like the application, there will be no charges for this record request. Please note, however, that all requests must be made in person or via telephone and you must identify yourself as an ASU or DSC student wishing to transfer to East or West Campus.  

We appreciate your desire to continue your education at the new ASU.  Should you have any questions about your admission status, please contact the Admissions Office at the respective campus for which you are transferring to for the Spring 2017 Semester.

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