Ram Ready

WELCOME HOME, Golden Rams!

Thank you for choosing the "Unsinkable and Indestructible" Albany State University to be your Golden Home for your collegiate career.  We hope you are as excited as we are for you to begin your ASU experience! 

If you will be living on campus, by now you should have already registered for your on-campus New Student orientation date, where you will have the opportunity to engage with student leaders and campus resources.  To prepare for your on-campus orientation experience, we introduce you to RAM Ready!, our online, self-paced pre-orientation modules that provide detailed information on the most important aspects of the ASU experience.  You will be welcomed by our President, Provost, VPs and by our most valuable resource, the fantastic students of Albany State University!  RAM Ready! should take no longer than a couple of hours -- and you can complete it at your own pace.

If you will be an online student (100% online) at ASU, RAM Ready! serves as your complete orientation experience.

Orientation Sample Entrance


Question:  Is Ram Ready! required for all incoming students?
Answer:  Yes! Ram Ready provides you an opportunity to review, at your own pace, the many resources, policies, and deadlines that are critical to your first-year success.  The on-campus experience focuses on completing your onboarding and connecting you with resources, so you may not hear all of the same information there.  Don’t miss anything! 

Question:  Can I access Ram Ready! on my phone?
Answer:  You absolutely can!  Ram Ready! is accessible on both Android and iPhones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.  You should be able to access using your favorite browser, but we recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Question:  How long will it take?
Answer:  Ram Ready! should take no more than 2 hours.  If you need to, you will be able to stop the orientation and complete it at another time.  You will always be able to go back and access the information after you finish.

Question:  Where can I go if I still have questions about I complete the orientation?
Answer:  You can send an email to asuorientation@asurams.edu before, during, and after you complete Ram Ready! for quick assistance.

Question:  Can parents and guests review the same information?
Answer:  Yes!  Families are welcome to create a guest account.  Students should create a student account to get credit for completion.  Student must complete the orientation using a student account or they will have to re-take the orientation.

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