Residual Testing for the ACT

West Campus

The ASU Testing Center West Campus is a test site for ACT Residual Testing.

This is available for students who are unable to test on an ACT National Testing date.

ACT Residual Testing is strictly limited only to ASU applicants for admission.

Scores from residual testing at ASU can only be reported to the ASU office of admissions and cannot be transferred by transcript or other means to any other institution or agency.

A minimum of 60 days must elapse before another ACT Residual Test may be taken.

How to Register: Call (229) 500-2921 or email to schedule a test session.
What to Bring: ___ A test fee of $60 cash/exact amount will be paid on test day.
___ Photo ID (government issued id card)
___ 2 - #2 pencils (not mechanical)
___ Calculator (optional) - prohibited calculators may be viewed at
Where to Go: Albany State University
West Campus Testing Center,
2400 Gillionville Road, Bldg. G-101 (next to the library)