English for Speakers of Other Languages

What is it?

The Albany State University ESOL Program has much to offer students whose native language is other than English. The classes are designed to help non-native English speakers keep pace with the academic instruction of college classes in order to be successful graduates. It offers multiple levels of instruction in Listening and Speaking, Grammar and Writing, and Reading and Vocabulary. All of these classes can help to prepare students and build their English skills in order for them to be successful in their college classes. They may be able to begin some of the college level classes while they are in the ESOL Program. However, some restrictions may apply.

The Classes

Albany State University offers multiple levels of the following classes: Listening and Speaking, Reading and Vocabulary, and Grammar and Writing.

What is the purpose of each class?

  • The listening and speaking classes will focus on improving listening comprehension of spoken English using contextual meaning, as well as develop or improve spoken English on specific topics.
  • The grammar and writing classes will focus on English grammar and the writing process of paragraphs and essays.
  • The reading and vocabulary classes will focus on contextual clues, inferences, main ideas, and comprehension. It will also focus on building the student’s vocabulary and spelling skills in English.

How do I qualify for the ESOL program?

  1. Your native language is anything other than English
  2. Apply to Albany State University as a regular admissions student or an international student
  3. Take the ESOL placement exam and diagnostic essay

Whom should I contact?

Who to contact for information
For ESOL Information: For Regular Admissions: For International Students:
ESOL Coordinator Office of Admissions International Student Coordinator
Telephone: 229-500-2104 Telephone: 229-500-4358 Telephone: 229-500-2021
Email: jeremiah.pitts@asurams.edu Email: admissions@asurams.edu Email: Nneka.Osakwe@asurams.edu