Calendar & Schedule

Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair – Victoria Eiland, Registrar
  • DSC Cochair – Frances Carr, Registrar


Albany State University

  • Carolyn Brown, Department Manager, Academic Affairs
  • Janice Hawkins, Student Services Professional, Registrar
  • Venessa McKinney, Student Services Professional, Student Affairs

Darton State College

  • Christina Cooper, Senior Admin. Assistant-Office of Humanities
  • Gene Behal, Associate Professor Computer Disciplines/Calendar Committee member
  • Rocco Capella Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Affair-Dean of Students-Director of Housing


  • Create a common academic calendar.
  • Develop a common class schedule.
  • Ensure a unified course schedule is prepared by upcoming semester.
  • Create a common holiday calendar.
  • Review and revise faculty/staff surveys, and determine schedules.