Faculty Service and Research Initiatives

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Purpose: Leadership Development

The Provost Fellow works closely with the Provost on the specific plan submitted in the application, with additional responsibilities as assigned.

The appointment provides the faculty member multiple opportunities to develop, practice, and apply leadership skills.

The Provost Fellow appointment is for one (1) academic year.

Provost Fellow History

  • Kevin Scott, English, 2016 – 2017
  • Charles Williams, Fine Arts, 2017 – 2018
  • John Williams, Biology, 2018 – 2019
  • Devi Akella, Business, 2019 - 2020      


As part of its efforts to develop a compelling curriculum and a rich academic experience, the CFE in coordination with the Office of Academic Affairs has developed the Faculty Fellows Program at Albany State University.

For faculty who have shown a talent and an interest in curriculum development and pedagogic strategies, the Faculty Fellows program is an invitation to reinvigorate the curriculum at a departmental level, research pedagogic strategies, and work with the CFE to develop pertinent, up-to-date training and support for faculty members.

Faculty Fellows will work to gain an understanding of the functioning of the university and its mission, including processes such as academic planning, curriculum development, and faculty development. As part of their duties, Faculty Fellows will be expected to develop and lead an innovative pedagogic initiative in support of the University’s strategic plan, emphasizing student success, faculty development, and community engagement.

The Faculty Fellow appointment is for one (1) academic year.

Faculty Fellow History:

  • 2018 – 2019:
    • Pamela Pitman Brown (Social Work, College of Professional Studies)
    • Janis Carthon (Educational Leadership, College of Professional Studies)
    • Timothy Hughley (Darton College of Health Professions)
    • Aaron Johnson (College of Professional Studies)
    • Abigail Ward (Fine Arts, College of Arts & Sciences)

Albany State University is committed to fostering the dissemination of new research and supporting its faculty in this endeavor. The CFE Faculty Travel Mini Grants exist for this purpose. The mini grants are competitive and follow strict guidelines for the distribution of funds to ensure fairness and equity throughout the university. The travel funds are a vehicle for Albany State University to continue its strong presence in the research community. The travel grants consist of up to $1000.00 in travel support that may be applied to the costs of conference attendance and participation in the U.S.

The travel mini grants Travel support is offered for faculty to attend and/or present at local, regional or national conferences. Attendance at the conference is REQUIRED.

All awardees are REQUIRED to conduct a faculty workshop to share how the conference can improve teaching and learning at ASU.


Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) are multi-disciplined and allow faculty members to engage with other faculty members. FLC’s provide opportunities for scholarly exchange, including discussion of innovative instructional strategies, joint grant writing, collaborative research, and publishing of interdisciplinary research articles.

Faculty will be encouraged to include interdisciplinary faculty groups as well as the community at large.

Learning Community Strands

  • Service
  • Research
  • Teaching