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New Facuty Academy:

Takeebie Jefferson  
09/10/20 Working Together for Successful Advising Frank Malinowski



09/10/20 Building a Community of Learners: Inclusivity in Online Courses Dr. Dorea Hardy



SEPTEMBER QEP Updates by College  Dr. Joy Hamm Scheduld through colleges and departments by Dr. Hamm 8/20/20 CBEPS; 9/4 A&S; 9/24 DCHP by dept.
9/22/20 Understanding Financial Aid Holly Hamilton  https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=md8b65326d0c5b5268283e294bb4a201a
9/24/20 Civil Discourse and Cultrual Sensitivity Dr. Howard Fields, Visiting Scholar


Meeting ID: 935 9333 7316   Passcode: 433510

Organized by: Aaron Johnson and Erica Decuir


New Faculty Academy University Libraries Updates

Dr. LaVerne McLaughlin


9/25/20  Academic Advising Retreat Dr. Joy Hamm  
10/8/20 Using Google Docs to Engage Students Takeebie Jefferson  https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=mbde2273ddd4e3d155aef625a51504eba
10/8/20 Updates from HR: Sick Leave Bank, Benefits, COVID-19 Bridgette Wilder, Leslie Charles https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=macf64a9337797f01ff8e43863115c52d
10/15/20 Leadership Training Greg Wilson, Carl Vison Institute Coming from CVI
10/16/20 Leadership Training Greg Wilson, Carl Vison Institute Coming from CVI
10/22/20 Tips for Writing a Strong Letter or REcommendations Dr. John Williams   https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=m85ce4e52f6913dca4c1f7e6e141bcc23
10/22/20 New Faculty Academy:  Academic Advising Frank Malinowsky  
11/5/20 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Dr. Tiffany Pogue  https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=mbf78b771ae1ddeb49f5703efdd074a12
11/5/20 IT Updates: Protecting Yourself in a Digital World Travis Barron https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=mc1ec66023b8cc50f0f5caffcc520ee64
11/19/20 Customer Service Jan Rogers and Tracy Williams httpshttps://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=mcb78588c9415a5360f2c3dce545aa905 
11/19/20 How We Learn... and How we Don't Dr. John Williams https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=ma00e7319ebf96912423e03102ff8acc5
11/19/20 New Faculty Academy:     Career Pathways Tracy Williams  
01/07/21 Spring Faculty Meeting Dr. Angela Peters Plan: Produce Academic Master Plan
01/28/21 Your Social Media Presence Takebie Jefferson  
01/28/21 The Importance of the Data Driven Approach Digant Jani https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=md059ed41df2e2f7254c4aa023c5aaba2
01/28/21 New Faculty Academy:  Assessments Dr. Brinson, Dr. Hatch, Prof. Williams WebEx done and sent



Strategies for Supporting, Teaching, and Engaging Students Remotely (90 minutes) EAB: Morgan Shea

Benefits and challenges of hybrid delivery insturction

  • Resources to support course development and instructor training across modalities.
  • Pedagogical innovation that allows for instrutionin different modalities including a physically distanced classroom
  • Resources to address student succcess in response to the pandemic.
02/11/21 Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue Dr. Joy Hamm, Dr. Sheffield-Hayes  
02/25/21 Understanding Data Types and Why We Need to Protect It Travis Barron  
02/25/21 Using Virtual Museum Tours to Engage Students Dr. Erica Decuir, Professor Chaz Williams https:https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=me60e6ddd19630a87108d6ff61ed87369 //asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=me60e6ddd19630a87108d6ff61ed87369
03/11/21 Spring Break Spring Break 03/8/21-03/12/21
03/25/21 New Faculty Academy: Grantsmanship Dr. Louise Wrensford  
03/25/21 What Should I Do If I think I am a Victim of a Malicous Email? Computer Virus or Maybe My Computer is Just Acting Crazy? Travis Barron  
03/25/21 Brain Development Dr. Richard Foreman  
04/08/21 Recharge Your Energy for Peak Performance (the cliff notes version of LinkedIn Learning's Course by Heidi Hanna) Dr. Dorea Hardy https:/https://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=maac1f7a80f45dbad42ceb61840c02556 /asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=maac1f7a80f45dbad42ceb61840c02556
04/08/21 Item Analysis and How it Can Improve Instructional Planning Dr. Okonkwo httphttps://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=m5adc6bd0a62184a67e6c3460cd3c1d6c s://asurams.webex.com/asurams/j.php?MTID=m5adc6bd0a62184a67e6c3460cd3c1d6c
04/22/21 New Faculty Academy: Program Evaluation Dr. Medlin  
04/29/21 EAB and Grades in Banner David Evarts, Domonique Hines  
04/29/21 An African History Workshop Dr. Okonkwo, Dr. Owor, Dr. Osakwe, Dr. Owusu-Ansah