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The Albany State University Broadcast Center serves as a production unit to the university. The Broadcast Center is located within the Mass Communication Department in the Billy C. Black building.

This unit employs student workers who aid in the daily operations of the ASU television station and act as customer service representatives for the Equipment Checkout Center.

Broadcast Center staff operates in multiple facets to support the Mass Communication Department and promote Albany State University activities by operating a 24 hour radio (Real 92.7 WASU-FM) and television station (ASU-TV).

ASU Broadcast Facilities

Equipment Center 

Equipment Checkout Center

 Mac Lab

Mac Lab

 TV Studio

ASU-TV 19 Studio

Audio Production Room

Audio Production Room

WASU-FM 92.7

WASU-FM 92.7 Radio Station  




Equipment Center

The Mass Communications Department is equipped with tools to help students achieve excellence in education. The equipment room is located on the 2nd floor of the Billy C. Black Building in room 264. 

Mass Communications students are provided access to an assortment of cameras, tripods, light kits, audio recorders, extended lenses, microphones and other items needed to complete professional productions.

Equipment Room staff are available to assist with equipment rentals and provide information regarding the use of each item.

***Only students enrolled in Mass Communications courses are allowed equipment rental privileges.***

Equipment Checkout Guidelines:

Fill out the Checkout Form completely by indicating your full name, phone number, email address, MACO course, and shoot location. By signing the form, you are agreeing to adhere to the guidelines of the checkout process.

​All students are allotted a 24 hour rental time, except for weekends. All weekend rentals are due before 12:00pm on Monday morning. Equipment must be returned in the condition in which it was loaned out. All items must be returned by the person who completed the checkout form. Friends or group mates are prohibited from returning equipment for another person.

​All renters will receive a reminder email the morning of their return due date. If the equipment is not returned on the due date, a second email will be sent out as a warning. If the equipment is not returned after two days of the due date and equipment room staff has not had contact with the renter, this will result in a suspension of rental privileges for two weeks. (No Exceptions)

​Broadcast Center staff have implemented these guidelines to make sure that the equipment room is stocked to capacity, ensuring all students have an opportunity to utilize equipment room services. 

Contact Us

Connie Williams
ASU Broadcast Center Director
(229) 500-3522


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