Chair's Message

Albany State University strives for excellence and we proudly introduce the Department of Natural Sciences. This first-class department provides in-depth, hands-on experiences which foster student learning and faculty research in the critically important and growing fields of Biology, Chemistry, and Forensic Science. The Department emphasizes student development and preparation for entry into a related field of study or employment, advanced degree attainment, and professional careers. The Department of Natural Science's goal is to "provide opportunities and resources for personal growth and professional development to faculty and students in terms of teaching, learning, research, and career development." To accomplish these goals, the department provides a friendly and supportive environment for faculty-mentored research and student-centered learning. Students are expected to gain both a broad and a deep understanding of the subject matter, to think critically, and to communicate effectively in class and through research in both oral and written form. The curriculum provides to students direct experience with modern instruments, preparing them to enter industry, graduate school, or professional programs.

The Department offers a BS degree in Biology to students who desire to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery that will lead to careers in research, medical professions, or the ever-expanding fields of environmental and sustainability studies. Ongoing advances in genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, stem cell research, and other fields provide our graduates with ever-expanding opportunities. A Biological Sciences major will collaborate closely with a diverse faculty which will serve as advisors and research mentors, providing valuable laboratory and classroom experience as well as a thorough understanding of responsible research practices and protocol. Students in career pathways take discipline-specific coursework while developing a sense of community and experiencing numerous opportunities for collaboration.

For students interested in medical, dental, or pharmacy schools, as well as becoming professional chemists, the Department offers an ACS Certified BS degree in Chemistry. The chemistry faculty have a wide range of research interests, including new chemical synthesis, pharmaceuticals, computational chemistry, nanotechnology, and electrochemistry. All chemistry faculty members are involved in research, which includes mentoring undergraduate research students using cutting-edge modern analytical tools such as NMR, SEM, GC/MS, and HPLC. The chemistry faculty is more committed than ever to the growth and development of our students through our competitive chemistry program.

The Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) Certified BS degree in Forensic Science is offered by the Department, and the Forensic Science program is designed to prepare students for professional careers as analysts in US Crime Laboratories, Criminalists, Trace Evidence Specialists, Serologists, DNA Specialists, Toxicologists, Drug Analysts, Firearms Examiners, Fingerprint Specialists, Staff Photographers, and Evidence Technicians. Students in this program are also prepared for careers as Crime Scene Investigators, Detectives, and Identification Officers, who process crime scenes and investigate crimes. This program provides more than just on-the-job training; it also prepares competent expert witnesses for court proceedings.

We are pleased to introduce Albany State University's Department of Natural Sciences. The Department of Natural Sciences is prepared to develop our students and their potential into leaders in their chosen fields of expertise through dedicated faculty, cutting-edge research, dynamic teaching and exemplary mentorship.


Seong S. Seo, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry and Chair
Department of Natural Sciences
Albany State University
Office BCBB 208
Albany, GA 31705
229-500-2160 or 229-500-2295