Mass Communications

What is Mass Communications?

The Mass Communication program is located within the Department of Social Sciences under the College of Arts and Humanities. A major in Mass Communication contributes significantly to the personal growth and development of an individual. Cooperation, negotiation, and mutual understanding are the cornerstones of successful interpersonal relationships in the work place, the family, and the community. The study of mass communication at Albany State University encourages students to participate in Radio, Television, Story Telling, Visual Arts, Public Speaking, Public Relations, and Intercultural Communications to gain the critical skills necessary to evaluate social issues, express opinions, assume positions, tell a story orally, in writing, and through multi-media platforms, and build and maintain relationships in all facets of life. 

The media concentration focuses on the role of media as the infrastructure that makes communication possible. Media technologies, media practices, and mediated discourses shape how we understand the world around us. Historical changes in media technologies and networks alter how media can be used socially, culturally, politically, and economically to form communities and exercise power. The Media curriculum approaches media historically, theoretically, analytically, critically, empirically, and creatively. Students in this concentration combine theoretical and critical understanding of media technologies and discourse with practical skills in media production and critical media-making in many areas. 

The public relations concentration studies theories and methods that help establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with employees, consumers, stockholders, media, and other target audiences. Students in this concentration create news releases, digital and print public relations tools and other forms of organizational communication, discover best practices for social media and other new technologies. Students also assist in developing strategic public relations campaigns for local businesses and non-profits. 

What Can I Do With a Mass Communication Degree?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication prepares students for productive careers and advanced study in Mass Communication and related fields. The degree offers two concentrations – Public Relations and Media Arts (Radio TV, Film, Internet) - which are also designed to acquaint students with state-of-the-art technologies in Mass Communication and expand their career opportunities in a variety of traditional and emerging professions. Additionally, students matriculating in the program will complete required internships through university collaborations and partnerships with media agencies, business and industry.

How Does Albany State’s Mass Communication Program Work?

The Mass Communication program offers several co-curriculars that are valuable for hands-on experience and learning as a Mass Communication major. The Broadcast Center serves as a production unit to the university, employing student workers. These students aid in the daily operations of the ASU television and radio stations and act as customer service representatives for the equipment checkout center. Students may work in the Radio station (92.7 WASU-FM) or the television station (ASU-TV 19).

The Public Relations club allows students to participate as part of committees, lead committees, or lead on the executive student board. This is a first step into the PR world. The club offers learning opportunities, included seminars and workshops on resume-building, relationship building, social media best practices, and more. Students are also able to work on the Newsletter for the department, attend an annual pubic relations and advertising conference, attend member appreciation nights, holiday socials, and assist in the in-house creative agency.

RamNews can be seen on Channel 19 and the MassComm_AlbanyStateRams YouTube Channel. See students from the program report on stories, short films created by students, and other content. Students who join RamNews have the ability to write scripts, put together stories, edit material, film material, and create advertisements for university programs and events just like a real studio. Students walk away confident that as a graduate and participant in this club they are ready for the news room and media studio. 

 For more information about the Mass Communication program, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Sheffield-Hayes, Coordinator of Mass Communication by email at You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube: @masscomm_albanystaterams.

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The Bachelor of Arts Mass Communication degrees: