Many ASU faculty are engaged in supporting student research. Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee. The faculty mentor’s responsibility is to help support the development of proposals and research activities. A mentor always has their mentee’s best interests at heart. This may mean talking to them about educational or career choices; helping them obtain experiences and even moving them on to a more appropriate experience if they are not well suited to your research direction or discipline. A good mentor asks what their mentee’s goals are and persuades them to look at their goals critically and help them attain them if reasonable. There are many benefits of being a mentor.

Benefits of Mentoring

  • Helps creates a positive environment for researchers
  • Assists researchers becoming better scholars
  • Each learn how to work together and collaborate on different ideas and issues

Mentoring Responsibilities

  • Mentors provide guidance for the undergraduate in making research and other career related decisions
  • Mentors are to help share ideas regarding the study and presenting of the research
  • Mentors provides knowledge and experience
  • Mentors also give oversight of the researcher’s practices and information
  • Give positive support, not just negative criticism

What makes a good mentor?

A good mentor has to:

  • have the ability to recognize and encourage the mentee’s potential
  • have the ability to give and receive constructive and honest feedback
  • be committed in assisting the mentee in their decision-making processes by listening, sharing and reviewing options
  • always be willing to facilitate networking opportunities through professional contacts
  • be willing and open to invest time and effort in the mentoring relationship and fulfill the agreed commitments
  • desire to share information, expertise, and experience and to act as a resource