Message from the Chair

Tonya CurlesWelcome to the Division of Health Sciences at Albany State University! I am excited to be the interim chairperson of this department in the University’s Darton College of Health Professions. Within this division, you will find excellent health career programs, outstanding faculty, and a welcoming environment. The primary goal of our division is to provide student-centered educational career programs for the citizens of southwest Georgia and beyond. We offer a variety of diverse, fully accredited programs that focus on helping each student realize his or her full potential.

All of our career programs are fully accredited by their respective accrediting agencies, and have employment rates and national exam pass rates well above the national averages. Within their individual fields, our faculty are well-known teachers, advocates, and leaders on professional boards of directors. Several faculty serve on national and state associations, and have been recognized as teachers of the year.

Within these webpages, you will find detailed information about each of the health career programs offered at our institution. It is important to note that while admission into Albany State University is the first step in the process, there are separate and selective admission processes for each of the health career programs. Each process is competitive and consists of meeting specific entry criteria for each program selected. It is also important that potential students meet with advisors to discuss these requirements.

Our division is committed to providing students with a high quality education and to promoting a positive work ethic, a desire for leadership, professionalism in the classroom as well as the treatment settings, and a passion to provide the highest quality of patient care. Please reach out to the program directors of the career program about which you are interested in learning more.

We look forward to assisting you with your academic journey!

Tonya M. Curles, M.Ed., COTA/L
Interim Chair of Health Sciences