Health Information Technology

Program Overview

Are you searching for the formula to success? Consider combining these ingredients for a career with tremendous potential-healthcare and information technology.

The Health Information Management (HIM) field places you right where the expanding arena of healthcare meets the cutting edge of technology. As an HIM professional, you are the expert on patient data that doctors, nurses, and other providers rely on to perform their jobs. By maintaining, collecting, and analyzing health information, your work makes an important contribution to the delivery of quality care.

HIM professionals are highly trained in the latest information management technology applications and understand the workflow in any healthcare provider organization from large hospital systems to the private physician practice. They are vital to the daily operations management of health information and electronic health records (EHRs). They ensure a patient’s health information and records are complete, accurate, and protected.

Based on your skills, education, and interests, positions that may be available to you are:

  • Medical Staff Services
  • Supervisor
  • Health Data Analyst
  • Quality Improvement Analyst
  • Insurance Claims Analyst
  • Records Technician
  • Clinical Coding Specialist
  • Physician Practice Manager
  • Patient Information Coordinator
  • Medical Paralegal

Registered Health Information Technicians (HITs) are employed by hospitals, clinics, health maintenance organizations, insurance companies, law firms, physicians, mental healthcare facilities, health data organizations, nursing homes, consulting firms, and information system vendors.

Graduates of Albany State University’s Health Information Technology Program are eligible to write the national certification examination given by the American Health Information Management Association to become Registered Health Information Technicians.

The Health Information Technology Program at Albany State University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education in association with the American Health Information Management Association.

Before You Apply: Program Notes

Prospective applicants should be aware of the following:

  • The courses to be completed for the degree will vary based on the student’s preferred area of study which is referred to as the “pathway” for the career program of choice. Therefore, it is important to meet with an adviser to map out the best academic plan to achieve his or her goal. The student should first focus on taking the prerequisites required for the program for which they will be applying.
  • All career programs have a selective admissions process. This means that a seat in any program is awarded only to the top applicants. Simply meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to a program.
  • The general education courses required for each career program are summarized in the comparison chart for all 2-year health career programs at Albany State University on the last page of the packet. 

Program Outcomes

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) RHIT Test Results:

Year Albany State University Scores National Scores
2016 - 2017 100% 66%
2015 - 2016 92% 68%
2014 - 2015 100% 71%


Year Graduation Rate Employment Rate Exam Pass Rate
2019 - 2020 100%

Statistical Definitions

Graduation Rate: The percentage of a school's first-time, first-year undergraduate students who complete the HIT program within 150% of the published time for the program.  
Employment Rate: The percentage of graduates from the HIT program who are employed within one year of graduation. Information based on graduation survey results.
Exam Pass Rate: The percentage of students who tested and passed the RHIT certification exam as first-time test takers.  

Accreditation Information

The Health Information Technology accreditor of Albany State University is the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). The College’s accreditation for an Associate's degree in Health Information Technology has been reaffirmed through 2021. All inquiries about the program’s accreditation status should be directed by mail to CAHIIM, 200 East Randolph Street, Suite 5100, Chicago, IL, 60601; by phone at (312) 235-3255; or by email at

CAHIIM Accreditation Seal

Program Recognition

2019 Most Affordable Associate Information Technology Degree Seal2019 Most Affordable Baccalaureate Information Technology Degree Seal2019 Most Affordable Online Certification Medical Billing & Coding Degree Seal

Georgia Health Information Management Associate Awards

Picture: Misty Neal (left) and Devina Hopper (right) at the 2019 GHIMA Award CeremonyOn Tuesday, May 7, 2019, the GHIMA Board and Awards Committee recognized the 2019 GHIMA Award recipients during the 2019 GHIMA Business Meeting. Albany State University was well represented as 4 of the 6 awards given were to ASU faculty & HIT students or graduates.

Distinguished Member Award: MISTY NEAL, MBA, RHIA

This award is given to GHIMA member(s) who have made outstanding contributions to the profession and/or professional associations. With these generous contributions, the individual(s) have:

  • Brought recognition to the HIM profession or professional associations.
  • Exemplified exceptional service to GHIMA.
  • Contributed to the HIM profession’s body of knowledge.

Outstanding New Professional Award: DEVINA HOPPER, RHIT, CCS

The GHIMA Outstanding New Professional Award recognizes an active member who was credentialed within the last five years and demonstrates significant potential for future innovation, creativity, and leadership ability. Devina graduated from HIT Program in Spring of 2017. Upon graduation, she was immediately hired as a Coding Tech for Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and later passed her RHIT credentialing exam in December of 2017.

(Accepted by Devina Hopper on behalf of Phoebe Corporate HIM Director, Melissa Hampton)

This award recognizes and honors the commitment and expertise of those sites who demonstrate excellence in clinical supervision. The awarded clinical sites meet the following criteria:

  • Provide a clinical site and supervision designed to help multiple students achieve competencies established by AHIMA.
  • Support the training process for new professionals through advising, teaching and serving on panel presentations and/or advisory committees.
  • Serve as a mentor to guide students to new opportunities and encourage enthusiasm for the profession.

Recent Graduate Award: SONYA PEARSON
(Not in photo, unable to attend meeting)

The GHIMA New Graduate Award recognizes graduates from CAHIIM accredited health information management associate or baccalaureate programs in the state of Georgia by providing reimbursement for the RHIA or RHIT credentialing exam fees. Criteria for this award include active membership with AHIMA and GHIMA, be in their last semester and eligible for graduation, have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and be in good academic standing, and must have shown commitment to the HIM profession by involvement in school activities and/or HIM association activities. Sonya chose to test early while in her last semester of school and passed her RHIT credentialing exam in March 2019. She then went on to graduate from the HIT program at ASU in May 2019 with a 3.37 GPA. Sonya is an active member of AHIMA, GHIMA, North GHIMA, AAPC, and served on the 2018-2019 GHIMA Student Advisory Council (SAC).

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