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As a parent of a Albany State University Dual Enrollment (DE) student, you are an important member of our community. In these pages you will find important information, dates, and contacts, as well as links to in-depth information on policies, resources, and student support services. I hope it will serve as an ongoing resource during the next few years. You may have a lot of questions surrounding the program, please click on the links and feel free to visit the other web pages to view more information.

“The Dual Enrollment (DE) program has given my son a head start! When he begins college full-time this fall, he will have already completed eighteen hours of transferrable college credit at no cost to us. In addition, his attendance at Albany State University West Campus as a Dual Enrollment student has provided a period of transition from the structure and expectations of high school to that of college. It is my belief that while this has given him an academic head start, the real benefit has come from his maturity and personal growth I have seen develop over the course of this last year.”

Photo of Lisa BrunsonLisa Brunson
Westover High School Parent

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the release of or access to a student’s educational records without the consent of the student. An exception to this is allowed if the student is considered a dependent as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. Please download and complete the  FERPA form. Once completed, it can be faxed to 229-500-4946, emailed to 

In order for a Dual Enrollment student to continually receive funding for approved courses they enroll in, they must maintain the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP). Review the SAP policy.

West Campus Student Health Center staff is not authorized to perform examinations, tests, or provide treatment to students under the age of 18 without parent/guardian consent. The consent form must be turned in to the Health Center before a student can be treated.

How can you help your student be successful in college?

  • There are many tools and resources available for your student to be successful. Urge them to utilize all of our academic support services.
  • Encourage students to visit their professors during office hours if they need help with assignments or have any questions.
  • Students are responsible for their own learning. Urge them to take ownership of their actions, study habits, and willingness to learn.
  • It is necessary for students to make sure they are aware of deadlines and assignments. Encourage them to prioritize and keep up with their syllabus.

Even though a student may meet the eligibility requirements for Dual Enrollment, it does not necessarily mean they are ready for college-level coursework. Many college courses are framed differently than high school courses. To see major differences between college and high school, please visit our college readiness information sheet.