Financial Student's Responsibilities

By registering for classes at Albany State University, students agree that they are financially responsible for all charges related to their course registration, meal plan, housing, and other related fees. In addition, students may also incur fines, penalties or damage fees, which may be processed through the student account that they are financially responsible for. Students are to complete payment of their tuition and fees by the due dates outlined by the academic calendar and billing statements to maintain active enrollment status and their ability to register for courses for future semesters.

Billing Statements

Billing statements are mailed to each student’s active mailing address on file in banner.  In addition, all currently enrolled students will receive e-mail notices regarding their account balance at their Albany State University email address.

Maintain an Accurate Mailing Address

Students are required to maintain an accurate address with the school. If you will be moving, please submit a Change of Address Form, available from the Office of the Registrar or update your mailing address via Banner Web. Failure to receive a student account statement in the mail is not an adequate reason for nonpayment.

Delinquent Accounts

The student receivable process begins when the student registers for courses, since the enrollment triggers charges for tuition and required fees. Albany State University policy provides for the withholding of University services until balances are paid in full. The restriction of service will prevent the student from having access to transcripts, registering for additional class, or graduating until the receivable is paid.
If the student’s account is not paid in a timely manner, further collection efforts will be made to collect the amount owed. In addition, the collection agency may report the delinquency to a credit bureau.