Tuition Payment Frequently Asked Questions

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Log on to the ASU Touchnet Portal - You will be able to make a payment by Web Check (at no cost) or by Debit/Credit card (2.75% fee).  Please make sure when paying by Web Check that you have your correct banking and routing information available.

A student can log into their banner web account or log in to their ASU Touchnet Portal.  To review the tuition and fee schedule, log into – Students- Money Matters- Tuition and Fee Schedule.

2 year in state tuition rate is $95 per credit hour / out of state rate is $359.67

4 year in state tuition rate is $169.33 per credit hour/ out of state rate is $616.07

Graduate in state tuition rate is $191 per credit hour/ out of state rate is $762


2yr - $95 per credit hour   4yr- $169.33 per credit hour - Graduate - $300 per credit hour with all programs paying the Technology Fee


The mandatory fees are mandated and approved by the Board of Regents.  These mandatory fees fund the different programs on campus.  These include- Access Card Fee, Activity Fee, Athletic Fee, Health Fee, Student Center Facility Fee, and Technology Fee.  Student taking course on campus will pay these fees. 

See URL for further explanation of mandatory fees. .

You can find important dates on the Academic Calendar and also important dates can be found on the Student Accounts webpage- Student Accounts Calendar.


 Once your bill is paid in full and you still have a credit balance on your account, a refund will be processed to your refund method on file.  We have two different methods to issue your refund.  By Direct Deposit which only takes 24-48 hours after processing or if you do not go in your Touchnet Portal to update refund method you will receive a paper check which takes 7-10 days after processing.  All Parent Plus loans where the funds are to the parent will be paper checks sent to the address on the plus loan application.

Here, you will find the selections for making a payment, setting up your refund method, reviewing your bill, and receiving your 1098t form electronically


We offer the Nelnet Payment Plan. This plan will allow you to pay your bill interest free in smaller monthly payments.  Once fees are posted to your student’s account you can enroll into this program.  Any balance over $4500 will be included in the down payment.  

To receive information on the payment plan log in  

Any currently enrolled student.
No, all students are eligible.
The plan is designed to help you finance the balance you still owe after your financial aid has been applied to your account for the current term only.  Remember these payments are interest free.   
Yes, you may participate before your financial aid is settled.
Yes.   Each semester stands alone.  So if a student owes a balance from previous terms, they will need to pay this amount directly to Albany State University.

Nelnet, the third party vendor, sets the dates based upon our academic calendar.  There is no grace period, late period, etc.

To receive information on the payment plan log in

Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) has an agreement with the University System of Georgia (USG).  Several USG institutions now offer this payment plan option. Nelnet has been in the tuition management business for 15 years.
No. This is a common misconception about automatic payments. No one other than you and your financial institution has access to your account. When you arrange to make an automatic payment through NBS, you authorize a specific payment amount to be paid by your bank or credit card company on a specific date.
Monthly payments will be processed starting on the first payment date you select when you enroll for monthly payments via NBS Enterprise Portal. Your payments will be processed on the same date each month.
No, unfortunately only budgeted payments are allowed via NBS Enterprise Portal.
If the payment date falls on a weekend or banking holiday observed by the Federal Reserve, the payment will be attempted on the next business day. Although NBS specifies the date each payment will occur it is the responsible party’s financial institution that determines the time of day the payment is debited to the account (this applies to Automatic Bank Payments only).
If a monthly payment is returned, you will receive an e-mail or letter from NBS with instructions on how the returned payment will be handled. A $30 NBS Returned Payment Fee will be assessed for each returned payment. Your financial institution may also assess a fee. NBS Returned Payment Fees are subject to change in future academic terms. If it is the down payment or enrollment fee that is returned, the agreement will be terminated and a new agreement would need to be established if options still exist.
Contact Nelnet at 1-800-609-8056 or at