Advising, Mentoring, and Tutoring

Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair - Ouida McAfee, Director of Academic Advising
  • DSC Cochair - Pat Ridgeway, Assistant Dean of Student Success


Albany State University

  • Mary Miles, Assistant to the Registrar
  • Denata Williams, Online Enrollment Coordinator
  • Jeffrey Pierce, Graduate Admissions Counselor
  • Lynette Johnson, Academic Success Coach/Counselor

Darton State College

  • Santee Archer, Student Success Advisor
  • Matt Brown, Assistant Professor of English and Chair of the Academic Advising Committee
  • Cheryl McNeal, Online Support Specialist
  • Deena Newman, Advising Center Coordinator


  • Develop common advising processes and procedures.
  • Ensure academic tutoring services are provided on both campuses.
  • Ensure Mentoring Services/Opportunities are provided on Both Campuses