East Campus Move In Logistics

ASU East Campus Residence Halls 

Halls 1-6, North Hall, East Hall and South Hall 

 There will be a centralized check-in at HPER Gym for the East campus residence halls (Hall 1-6, North Hall, East Hall, and South Hall). All students must come to HPER before going to their building to move-in. 

  • When arriving to East Campus from GA 300, turn left off Oglethorpe Blvd onto Radium Springs Rd. At the intersection head north on Radium Springs and follow the signs to Sands Drive (The light at the intersection when you see the Petro gas station) 
  • Make a left onto Sands Drive and then make the first left onto Capital Road 
  • Have your RAM ID out prior to arrival ready to show the volunteer at the check point inside HYPER. If you do not have a RAM ID, the student will need to present his/her driver’s license/State ID.
  • If you have arrived at your correct move-in time slot, have your RAM ID and your balance is paid in full or a payment plan is secure, you will be directed around the loop inside HPER to the tables. Keep your RAM ID out for the next checkpoint where you will receive your keys.
  • If you are in North, East, or South Halls, you will turn right out of the HPER parking lot and follow the road to the light on Radium Springs. Go across the street and follow the cones/volunteer directions for parking and unloading. 
  • If you are residing in Hall 5 or 6, you will turn right out of the HPER parking lot. Turn right onto the service drive alongside HPER and cut through the field (barrels and tape will mark where you need to drive) to unload your belongings. 
  • If you are residing in Hall 1&2, you will turn right out of the HPER parking and follow the road  to the light on Radium Springs. Go across the street and follow the cones/the volunteer directions for parking and unloading.  
  • If you are residing in Hall 3&4, you will turn right out of the HPER parking and follow the road to the light on Radium Springs. You will make a right at the light and then make a left turn in-between the student center and Hall 3. Follow the cones and the volunteer directions for parking and unloading. 
  • If you do not have your RAM ID , you will be directed to the Hall 5 dance studio get your ID card.  
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes early for their move-in appointment, you will be directed to wait in the parking lot adjacent to the ASU Police station. 


North, East and South     

Parking after unloading is located on lower campus near the baseball field. 

Hall 1& 2  Parking after unloading is located on lower campus near the JC  Reese building. 
Hall 3 &4  Parking after unloading is located on lower campus near Gibson and Wiley Halls. 
Hall 5  Parking after unloading is located directly in front of Hall 5 
Hall 6  parking after unloading is located directly in front of Hall 5 and near the Capital Road fenced in parking lot. 

East Campus Map