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Located on the campus of Albany State University, a Historically Black College and University in Albany, Georgia, the Center for Educational Opportunity is funded by Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s Center for Advancing Opportunity (CAO) and was launched April 13, 2018. We believe that access to quality education must be available to everyone and support faculty and students in developing researched-based solutions to the most challenging problems in education within fragile communities.
The Center for Educational Opportunity exists to advance opportunities for researchers to generate and disseminate findings in order to strengthen and empower fragile communities and Historically Black Colleges and Universities from the bottom up —with specific emphasis on education.
We believe that strengthening the research capacity of students, faculty, and partners of HBCUs to study the barriers and levers to educational equity for communities beset by a confluence of poverty and isolation, which perpetuates a cycle of disadvantage from which residents find it difficult to break free, will yield data-driven, culturally-relevant and sustainable solutions that improve educational outcomes for the underserved.

Engage faculty and students at HBCUs in research activities to better understand the characteristics of high-quality education for families living in fragile communities which leads to improved educational opportunities.

Promote educational seminars, workshops, training and recruiting activities that support faculty and students at HBCUs in the utilization of research methods that yield a sustained research pipeline.

Deploy bottom-up approaches to educational inquiry via engagement of stakeholders—communities, students, parents, teachers, administrators, organizations, and education partner —in research that is action- and impact-oriented that leads to long-term societal change.

Investigate barriers, both internal and external, faced by communities that seek access to high-quality education for their families that impacts local, regional, state and national educational policy organizations.



Albany State University receives $3 million for new Center for Educational Opportunity

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Albany State University receives $3 million for new Center for Educational Opportunity

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Albany State University receives $3 million for new Center for Educational Opportunity

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