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Forensic Science Purpose:

To educate, prepare and inspire future forensic scientists’ by providing the education and experiences needed for professional careers in the field of forensic sciences.

Class 2021 Feedback



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Aniyah Greene

Aniyah Green
Aniyah Greene is a Fall 2021 graduate from Philadelphia, PA. While studying Forensic Science, she was involved in multiple on campus organizations. For example, Ms. Greene served as the Vice President for the Forensic Science club. She also served as a general member for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. According to Ms. Greene; “she credits the Forensic Science program for allowing her to gain connections with many prestigious individuals within the field, as well as amazing internship opportunities, and excellent hands-on learning.” Ms. Greene hopes to attend a medical school to achieve her dreams of becoming a Medical Examiner




Evan SuberEvan Suber
According to Evan Suber- a member of Forensic Science Club and DDE International Honor Society of the Forensic Science, “The Forensic Science Program here at Albany State University is a good program that prepares you for the real world forensic science activities with hands-on laboratory practice of different techniques in crime scene, DNA analysis, drug chemistry and toxicology. For me, I really enjoyed the opportunities to interact with various forensic experts in the field, networking and DNA analysis labs.” She will be attending graduate school in spring of 2022.




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Exit Examination



A total of 18 students took the exit examination during the year (spring and fall 2021), the average score was 75.9%, and the highest and lowest scores were 91% and 69%. The pass score for the exit exam was 70%.