Aspiring Teachers Academy (ATA)


The Aspiring Teachers Academy (ATA) is a Title III-funded activity to strengthen undergraduate teacher preparation programs within the School of Education. ASU teacher education programs fulfill critical teaching shortages in southwest Georgia and beyond. Their success directly contributes to the University mission to promote community and economic development that improves quality of life for citizens within the service area. The ATA has two primary goals:

1) increase retention and graduation rates within teacher preparation programs overall, and

2) provide strategic support to African-American male teacher candidates, who are a key underrepresented demographic in teacher preparation programs. 


What are the main features of the ATA?
Students enrolled in the Academy receive resources and workshops for GACE licensure tests,  a mentoring program for African-American male education majors, and opportunities to engage in experiential learning projects with practicing educators. 

How does the ATA support retention and graduation for education majors?
The primary objectives of the Academy include increasing pass rates on the GACE program entry exam and increasing pass rates on the GACE content exam (the licensure examination required for program completion and graduation). 

Who is eligible?
All education majors, of any classification and gender, are encouraged to apply. Those who are interested in becoming a teacher, but not yet declared to be an education major, are free to contact me for additional information. 

How do students apply?
Students can click this link to apply.

Contact Us

Dr. Erica DeCuir
Director, Aspiring Teachers Academy