Summer Learning Academy 2016

The 2016 Summer Learning Academy will teach advanced concepts in math and science for rising third, fourth, and fifth graders only (ages 7-10). Curriculum is based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and taught by certified teachers. Join us to explore math and science through fun, interactive, and engaging ways. STEM summer learning will move your kids to the head of the class!



Summer Learning Academy 

Monday-Friday, June 27-July 1
Half Day Program 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Program Fees: $75 per participant
Program fees include daily lunch and a field trip to GO FISH Education Center in Perry, GA.

 Program Description

We will divide kids into differentiated groups by grade level to target specific concepts in math and science they must learn in the next school year. Each day will feature a science or math concept aligned to specific curriculum standards. The week will culminate with an exciting field trip to the GO FISH Education Center in Perry, GA.

Rising Third Graders (Ages 7-8)

Eat your….numbers? 
Rising third graders will study cell division and multiplication by examining cells—a core science concept and the building blocks of life. We will use scientific tools like microscopes and magnifiers to explore parts of the body. We will also reinforce essential math skills such as addition, place value, and basic fractions. Apple addition, ants on a log count, and M&M fraction find are just a few of the sweet ways kids will explore math. 

Rising Fourth Graders (Ages 8-9)

Divvy Up
Rising fourth graders will dive into fractions using food, objects, and each other! We’ll show that anything and anyone can be divided into smaller equal and unequal parts. We’ll also use scientific tools such as microscopes, magnifiers, and models to investigate the flow of energy within an ecosystem. Exploring organisms in an ecosystem is easy when you dissect them! 


Rising Fifth Graders (Ages 9-10)
Inside Out

Rising fifth graders will utilize PEMDAS to tackle multi-step equations and word problems. Kids will learn math through PEMDAS scavenger hunts and games. They’ll also learn biology by dissecting and classifying organisms found in the Animal Kingdom. Fifth graders will get a peek “inside” wildlife they will observe on the Friday field trip to the GO FISH Educational Center. 

Extended Day Services

Extended day services can be arranged for families requiring a later pick-up.

 For a registration packet please email:

Dr. Erica DeCuir
Director, Summer Learning Academy
Billy C. Black Bldg., Room 244-T
Albany State University