Summer Learning Academy



The 2018 Summer Learning Academy presents STEMathlon, a seven-hour, jam-packed day of STEM fun designed to get kids excited about math and science next school year! In science, kids will

  • build model replicas of the body’s organ systems,
  • diagnose infectious diseases, and
  • experiment with states of matter!

In math, they will

  • use M&Ms to determine probability and calculate percentages,
  • solve clues in our math “escape” classroom, and
  • find the area and perimeter of cookies and candies!

Kids must bring their own snacks and lunch. Appropriate for ages 7-11.

STEM-Based Enrichment Program

 Friday July 20 

Program Fees:
$15 per participant

Located in Billy C. Black Building Room 183 on ASU East Campus

Register by July 15

Limited Spaces Available

Student Chemist






Selected for the 2017 Innovations Inventory of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Educators (AACTE) 

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For more information contact

Dr. Erica DeCuir