Admission Criteria

  1. Students must be admitted to Albany State University
  2. Student must submit a complete MLT program Application which consists of:
    • Application: electronic or hard copy
    • Immunizations: MMR X 2 (or proof of immunity)
      • Varicella X 2 (or proof of immunity)
      • HBV X 3 (or proof of immunity)
    • Acknowledgment Forms
      • Accreditation Acknowledgment
      • Health Insurance Form
    • Physical Evaluation Form
      • Curriculum Plan
      • Letters of recommendation (optional; 3 max)
  3. Academic requirements: minimum GPA of 2.5 and completion of published prerequisite courses.
  4. Online students must have a Letter of Support from a current clinical affiliate of the Program or a hospital willing to affiliate with the program that can meet the training needs of our students.


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