EMSS Data Request Form

Prior to submitting your request for institutional data, please review the information already available in Argos. If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please complete this form.

The time to receive data depends on the complexity of the request and availability of our staff. Please give us as much advanced notice as possible if you are working with a deadline (Minimum of 14 Days).

Please only use this form if you are in need of institutional data about Albany State University for internal reporting purposes. All external reporting requests should be requested from Institutional Effectiveness (IE).

In general, data is provided in the aggregate and in compliance with guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Contact Enrollment Management Data Analyst, Garrett Jones at garrett.jones@asurams.edu or (229) 500-2954 with any data related questions OR Call RAM Central for other information at (229) 500-4358.


For example, Enrollment Management and Student Success/ Information Technology Services
For example: Financial Aid/Admission/Registrar
Population Information
Please give us information on what are the other criteria, you need to consider or filter.
Data Information
For example, Need a report for Fall 2019 Registered Students having 60 or Les Credit Hour Earned
Please provide comma separated values required to accomplish the data request. For example, RamID, Name, Birthdate, Term, Credit Hours etc.
Provide Banner Screen and Field information you require specifically so you might get accurate data. For Example: RAMID - SPAIDEN - SPRIDEN_ID, FirstName - SPAIDEN - SPRIDEN_FIRST_NAME....etc.
For Example: Data will be used for the purpose of running call campaign. It will help to make a quick decision.
If there is any abbreviation or Any criteria you would like to explain and give information.
Does similar report currently exist in Argos?
Please provide Report name with folder location in this.
Is this report request need to be updated/created in Argos?
Do you want report Scheduled/Recorded at specific amount of time?
Please provide Time and other Reoccurrence Information in this field. Please Provide N/A for no Reoccurrence/One Time Data Request.
Please include any attachments that may be helpful. For Example: The Sample report or table or some Information on data.