Criminal Justice Chair's Message

The Criminal Justice Program at Albany state is geared towards the 21st century students.  The program offers Associate degree in Criminal Justice with a pathway to the Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor of Science degree; and Master’s degree online as well as on campus.  Our Master’s degree has been described as one of the best and affordable on-line program in the nation.   The program offers core courses that prepare students for careers in Criminal Justice.

The professors in our program work closely with students to ensure that they understand the best practices in criminal justice, and are prepared properly for the global market.  The program work closely with local law enforcement agencies who often visit our classrooms to provide opportunities for students to learn and understand important issues concerning their career path.  This relationship has led to opportunities in internship and volunteer services which prepare our students for their career path. 

It is our hope that our students be prepared to engage in scholarship and be ready for the world of work.  Many of our students have successfully pursued graduate studies in Criminal Justice and Public administration, and some have distinguished themselves by taking jobs with federal, state and local  agencies. 

Patrick Ibe, Ph.D.
Criminal Justice Chairperson