Middle Grades Education



This program leads to the T-5 certification in Middle Grades Education and is designed to prepare master teachers to work with children in grades 4-8. This program also provides knowledge and skills for teachers to serve in leadership roles in curriculum development, supervision and research in the field of Middle Grades Education.

The purpose of the M.Ed. in Middle Grades Education is to promote leadership for 4-8 populations. Candidates complete 36 hours of courses designed to augment resourceful and imaginative problem-solving skills for 4-8 populations. All classes implement the College of Education’s conceptual framework: Reflective transformative practitioner, culturally-responsive practitioner, and technologically-competent practitioner. Candidates have to be admitted by the Office of Graduate Admissions before admission into the program.

Program Objectives

Objective 1.

Compare their teaching practices with current research-based practices and make changes where necessary;

Objective 2.

Extend their knowledge and skills in a chosen area of educational interest;

Objective 3.

Present intellectually challenging thoughts and practices to students;

Objective 4.

Integrate new materials and methods of teaching into students’ teaching repertoire;

Objective 5.

Encourage interest in conducting research;

Objective 6.

Increase competencies in research techniques; and

Objective 7.

Increase students’ ability to recognize relevant research, which they can use to become more effective in their classrooms.

Admission to the Program

Admission to the Middle Grades Education Program requires an undergraduate degree in Middle Grades Education, or the equivalent, from an accredited college, and Georgia Professional Standards Commission Certifcation in Middle Grades Education. Students are also governed by the general admission procedures and requirements for the M.Ed. degree program, and they may matriculate in the Middle Grades Education program under the same categories of admission.

Program of Study

Area A - Nature of the Learner 3 hrs
Area B - Programs and Problems of the School 6 hrs
Area C - Teaching Field 15 hrs (Minimum of 15 hours) Area C - Mathematics
Area C - Language Arts
Area C - Science
Area C - Social Science

Area D – Research 6 hrs (Minimum of 6 hours)

Area E - Middle Grades Electives 6 hrs (Minimum of 6 hours)

Some Acceptable Courses for Substitutions

(Substitutions must be approved by your advisor and related to areas of concentration)

EDAS 5501: Area E
EDUC 5540: Area B or E
EDUC 5587: Area C
EDUC 5588: Area C
EDRG 5594: Area C or E
EDRG 5595: Area C or E
EDRG 5596: Area C or E
PSYC 5515: Area A or E)
SPED 5501: Area E
SPED 5547: Area A or E

Total Credit Hours: 36