Music Education


The music education program will offer study leading to the Bachelor of Music Education degree with applied concentrations in one of the following categories: voice, piano, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Degree requirements will be completed primarily in the music area of the Department of Fine Arts, however, the teaching certification will be earned through the College of Education. Curriculum components of the program of study are (1) Area A-E - University Core Courses, (2) Area F - Courses Related to the Major, (3) Area G - Major Requirements; and (4) Area H - Professional Education Courses. In order to be admitted to the Music Education Program, students must first meet all college admittance requirements. Additionally, students must audition on a major instrument or voice for acceptance into the program, and must meet the requirements of the College of Education for admission to the Teacher Education Program.

The non-course requirements include:

  1. A 2.5 GPA
  2. Passing the GACE I Exam (for full admittance into the Teacher Education Program and to be able to student teach).
  3. Passing of GACE II (required for graduation).
  4. Beginning School Experience (two-week internship at one of the public schools during the first two weeks of school).
  5. Student membership in the College Music Educators National Conference (CMENC), and the National Education Association (NEA) or the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE).

B.A. Music Education Degree

B.A. Music Education Program of Study

B.A. in Visual & Performing Arts: Music Education Concentration