Program Completion Requirements

Graduation Requirements

In addition to College graduation requirements, the student must have a grade of "C" or better in all dental hygiene courses.

The Department of Dental Hygiene reserves the right to discontinue, at any time, the enrollment of a dental hygiene student if, in the judgment of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Dental Hygiene faculty, the student does not appear to have the necessary qualifications for dental hygiene.

Clinical Type Requirement
ADULTS Class I 5 at 90% or better in one appointment*
Class II 5 at 90% or better in one appointment*
+Class III 2 at 90% or better in two appointments
+Class IV OR +Class V 2 at 90% or better in four appointments*
CHILDREN 2 Children and 2 Adolescents - All at 90% or better in one appointment*
GERIATRIC 2 of the Adult clinical competencies must be individual geriatric patients (age 55 or older)

*Can be adjusted based on clinical findings and at the discretion of a full time faculty
+Patient can be used for one graduation requirement, for each classification
**All process evaluations must be successfully completed prior to application or submission for a state or regional clinical examination**

Process Evaluation Policy

Prior to graduation, students are required to successfully complete the following process evaluations: Unit Preparation, Oral Inspection, Vital Signs (2), Polishing, Probing, Patient Education (2), 1/2 or 7/8 (2) ,11/12 (2), 13/14 (2), Anterior Scaler, Posterior Scaler, Ultrasonic Scaling and Sealants. The process evaluations will be stipulated in the clinical course syllabus each semester. Process evaluations must not interfere with the delivery of patient care or clinical supervision. Your clinical instructor may decide if it is appropriate to do more than one process evaluation on the same patient.

Radiology Competencies

Type Competency Requirement
FMX 3 at 80% or better
BWX 9 at 80% or better

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