All applicants must complete a minimum of 16 hours of observation in any two different general dentistry offices or facilities by JUNE 1st. This requirement is designed to give the applicant a better understanding of the role of the dental hygienist. Applicants who currently work in a dental setting may complete 8 hours at that facility, however, they must be directly under a registered dental hygienist observing patient care and not part of the secretarial staff or assisting the dentist.

This is not a service performed by the college; the applicant must independently seek out a dental hygiene setting and speak with the appropriate staff/personnel regarding observational hours. There are many dental providers to choose from, check out your local yellow pages or internet. Call the providers in your area; explain that you are applying to a DH Program and that you would like to observe a dental hygienist at their facility.

All observations hours must be verified using the proper form found in the application packet. Observational hours must be completed within 2 years of submission of the application.

It is possible for a student to work part-time while in the program, however, it is definitely not advised due to the intense nature of the program. Each semester, the student will have a full load of coursework and a grade of 75 or higher must be achieved in order to pass each class. Course and clinical/lab schedules will not be changed to accommodate a work schedule and a work excuse will not be acceptable for any absence. The program also requires mandatory courses and seminars that are scheduled each semester in addition to regularly scheduled classes and clinic/lab times.
The DH program classes are full-time and vary on days and times each semester. Some semesters of the program, expect to be in class Monday thru Friday 8+ hours per day. Hours may start as early as 7:15 am and end as late as 5:30pm.
The Associates Degree for Dental Hygiene is to be completed in 5 semesters; fall, spring, summer, fall, and spring.
No, the DH program is NOT a stepping-stone to dental school and acceptance into the ASU DH program are not used as such. Students wishing to become a dentist must first complete a 4-yr. B.S. degree and then apply for admission to a dental school. Obtaining an Associate’s Degree in DH is not necessary to pursue a dental degree.
Information on dental hygiene can be found at the American Dental Hygiene Association website.
Please refer to the application packet for more information.
The DH program accepts BIOL 1100K to meet this program requirement, however it is recommended to take the sequence courses if you plan to transfer to another institution or career program, as they may not accept this course.
Please do not call to inquire about the status of an application. The DH Program Director or faculty/staff will not return calls or emails regarding the status of an application (with the exception being after July 15th and the applicant never received a letter). Therefore, if you wish to know the application was received, please send the application as certified mail so that you receive a confirmation from the postal service that it was delivered or hand-deliver the application.
Applicants will be notified via US Postal Service no later than June 20. Correspondence of acceptance or regret will be made via US Postal Service and should be postmarked no later than July 15. Instructions for acceptance will be included. The ASU DH program does not utilize a waiting list and those denied acceptance must reapply the following year.
Yes, if you have graduated from a dental assisting program and/or have obtained another associate’s level or higher degree, you will receive more points in the scoring process of selection for admission.

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