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Post-Program-Acceptance Change of Major Requirement

Upon receipt of your acceptance letter into the nursing program, you must first fill out the "Major Request Form" form online via the Office of the Registrar, indicating that you want to change your current major to one of the following majors:

  • ASN and Bridge Applicants: From "Health Science - AS" to "AS - Nursing (ASN)"
  • BSN Applicants: From "Health & Human Performance - BS" to "BS - Nursing"
  • RN-to-BSN Applicants: From "Health Science - AS," "Health & Human Performance - BS," or "Nursing - AS" to "BSN - Nursing, RN to BSN"

Please be aware that we are unable to register students whose major is not one of the "Nursing" majors indicated above

First Day Forms (ASN Programs)

To be completed and submitted BY the first day of class (print and bring completed form with you):

Nursing Student Organization (NSO)

The Nursing Student Organization (NSO) is the local chapter of GANS (Georgia Association of Nursing Students) and is composed of students who are enrolled in ANY of Albany State University's nursing programs (both graduate and undergraduate) and hold membership in the State by paying annual dues. Nursing students participate in local, state, and national activities and conventions where they have an opportunity to observe and participate in their professional organizations. Students join NSO to enhance professional development.

Club Advisors: Lyla Taft, Andrea Dozier

Mandatory Student Health Insurance Waiver

Beginning the Fall 2014 Semester, all new students accepted into ANY of the programs under the Darton College of Health Professions at ASU will be required to show proof of active Medical Insurance coverage. This is a new Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia mandate and not an ASU mandate. Proof of coverage must be submitted between:

  • Fall 2021: July 12, 2021 – September 20, 2021.
    Submissions CANNOT be done BEFORE July 12, 2021 or AFTER September 20, 2021.

Submission is done via the United HealthCare Student Resources website.

Proof of coverage must be provided in one of the following ways:

  1. Through a currently active parent plan.
  2. Through a currently active individual or family plan.
  3. Through a currently active Employer-Sponsored plan.
  4. Through a currently active Darton College of Health Professions Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).
  5. Through a currently active Government-Sponsored Plan.

If a student fails to provide appropriate proof of coverage during the dates stated above, the student will be automatically enrolled (via the Office of Financial Operations) into plan #4 above.

As of July 14, 2021, the rate for Plan #4 is as follows:

  • Fall 2021 Rate: $1,013.00*
    * These rates are subject to change without notice.

Additionally, Health Insurance coverage must be maintained by the student throughout the entire time that he/she remains enrolled and is actively progressing through his/her respective Health Sciences or Nursing Program. If a student fails to maintain Health Insurance coverage, then he/she will be immediately dismissed from his/her respective Health Sciences or Nursing Program for failure to maintain the mandatory coverage as required by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please contact your respective Program Director, the Nursing Division Office, or the Health Sciences Division Office.

If a student does not take any action, they will still be charged.

Health Insurance Waiver FAQ

Receiving this error typically indicates that your account has not yet been charged the fee for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). You will not be able to waive the fee until AFTER it has been charged to your account, after which you will be able to successfully enter your information.
Per the United HealthCare Student Resources website, “Once you have submitted your waiver application it will be reviewed. The review process could take up to 7 business days. During the review process you could be asked to submit to your Student Health Insurance Representative proof of your insurance. This could be but is not limited to insurance identification card a certificate of insurance, a letter from your insurance company, and your entire insurance policy that outlines your coverage. (All documentation must be in English.) You will be notified at the email address you provided in your waiver application of your approved or denied waiver.”
If your waiver has been approved, the fee will be removed within a few business days. Similar to the review process, this fee removal should not take any longer than 7 business days. You may wish to contact the Student Health Insurance Representative (indicated below) regarding questions or concerns you may have during this time.
Per the United HealthCare Student Resources website, a waiver denial is typically issued to students “who are not covered by a policy held by a parent, spouse, company or organization on the approved waiver list or if the policy does not meet the minimum standards that have been established by United Healthcare Student Resources.” However, “If denied you can appeal this decision by contacting your institution’s Student Health Insurance Representative. They will also require you to submit documentation regarding your personal insurance policy. Again, this documentation could be but is not limited to your insurance card, a certificate of insurance, a letter from your insurance company, and your entire insurance policy that outlines your coverage. (All documentation must be in English.)”
As of the Fall 2017 semester, this role is fulfilled by Ms. Amanda Nichols, our Accountant for Student Accounts in our Office of Financial Operations.
This fee will be applied to your account each Fall and Spring semester. Coverage for the Spring semester extends throughout the Summer semester, so the fee for the Spring semester will be higher than that of the Fall. You will need to continue waiving this fee each Fall and Spring semester after it is applied to your account.