Change of Major/Minor/Concentration

If a student wishes to change their major, it is recommended they speak with their advisor prior to making the decision. 

Students who are wanting to make any changes to their Major, Minor, and/or Concentration will need to submit the appropriate form to the Office of the Registrar. All changes submitted after the designated date on the Student Academic Calendar will be effective for the next semester. 

Please note: Changing your major from an Associate degree to a Bachelor degree will increase your tuition charges.  Click on this button below to see Tuition & Fees Schedules


Major Request Form

The Change of Major form must be submitted if a student is wanting to do any of the following:

  • Change program of study
  • Change their degree level (Associate to Bachelor, Certificate to Associate, etc…)
  • Add a second major
  • Drop a second major

Minor Request Form

Students who are wanting to add a minor to their account must be majoring in a Bachelor program or higher. Students who are majoring in an Associate's Degree Program are not able to add a minor to their account. 

  • Minor Request Form
  • Concentration

  • Concentrations are available to some, but not all majors. Please speak with your advisor to find out if adding a concentration is right for you. 
  • The following Bachelor programs require a concentration:
Computer Science
Health and Human Performance
Mass Communications
Middle Grade Education
Organizational Leadership
Secondary Education
Visual & Performing Arts