Congratulations to all our Spring 2024 graduates and their families! This semester there will be one ceremony for graduates of all colleges. The ceremony will take place in the Albany Civic Center. Please see below for more information.


ASU Commencement 
Saturday, May 4, 2024

8:30 a.m. 
Graduates Check-in at Albany Civic Center

8:30 a.m.
Doors Open for Seating 

10 a.m. 
Processional Begins 

There are no tickets required for the Commencement ceremony, and there is no limit on the number of guests a graduate can bring.

Masks are strongly encouraged as these events will not be socially distanced. 

Venue Information


Additional Information

Bus Service 
There is no Ram Rush between the East and West Campus nor to the Albany 
Civic Center. 

Guest and Accessibility Parking and Drop Off
Those dropping off graduates may do so in any parking lot located to the South of the Civic 
Center. Graduates should walk around the Civic Center building on the lower level and enter 
through the front door of the Civic Center by the Ticketmaster Ticket Sales Booth. 

Those needing accessibility seating should park and enter the Civic Center at the parking lot on 
the Northwest side of the Civic Center on Washington Street and enter the building via the ramp 
from that parking lot to the concourse level of the Civic Center.

There are no concessions offered before or during the commencement ceremony inside of the 
Civic Center.

Reserved Parking – VIP Guests only
The location for reserved parking is the lot in front of the Civic Center. Parking in the reserved 
lots can access it through the Civic Center parking gate off of Front Street. A VIP Parking 
Permit is required to access the limited parking spaces.

Guest Seating
Seating for guests of graduates will be permitted in any section of the Civic Center not marked as 
reserved. Reservations are not taken for seats and they are available on a first come first served 
basis. Guests are asked to site in groups and to socially distance where applicable.

Faculty and Graduates Seating
Graduates and faculty will be seated on the floor of the Civic Center in front of the stage and in 
the clear view of their guests. Facing the stage, graduates will be seated to the right with VIP 
Guests, President’s Cabinet, faculty and guests of the graduate being commissioned on the left.

Graduate seating on the floor will be in the following order, beginning from the stage and working backwards.

  • Graduate Degrees, all colleges
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Business, Education & Professional Studies
  • Darton College of Health Professions

Restrooms are located through out the Civic Center.

Ambulance/First Aid
Anyone needing first aid or ambulance care contact a Civic Center or ASU identified employee. 
EMS personnel are on duty on the floor level of the Civic Center. An ambulance is on standby
in the West Civic Center parking lot.

Accessibility Guest Seating
Guests needing accessibility should be seated in the designated ADA seating areas located on the 
upper level of each of the sections of seating. Seating will be folding chairs or should be 
provided by the guest as applicable, i.e., wheelchair, ambulator, walker, etc. One guest is 
allowed to stay with the guests needing accessibility, all others are requested to sit in the guest 
seating areas to allow for others to be seated.