How to Access Your ASU Email

So that we may communicate with you in an effective manner, it is important to check your ASU email daily. This e-mail account is used as your official means of communication throughout your time at ASU. You can access your ASU email at

Your email address is the first initial of your first name and your last name at

Example: Rocky Ram,

Your Network ID and password is also used for accessing secure wireless networks, student computers, GeorgiaView online courses, the ASU housing portal, and other on-campus computing resources.

How to Set Your Password:

Your password can be set at

  1. Enter your full student email address (as shown above) and the characters shown in the verification box.

  2. On the following page, you will be asked where to receive a passcode. You can choose either the email address or phone number that you used when you applied to attend ASU.
  3. Once this passcode has been received and entered, you will then be able to establish a password of your choosing.

  4. The new password must be at least 10 characters long and will need to include capital and lower case letters, a number, and a special character, such as !,@,& or the like.

  5. The new password also cannot have any personal identifier information, example, your name, birth date, SSN etc.

Don’t forget to set up the required Multi-Factor Authentication for security. Those instructions can be found at


Need help? Contact the ITS Helpdesk.

East Campus: 1st floor James Pendergrast Library
West Campus: Room A-153 - Technology Building
Phone: 229-500-HELP (4357)

Additional Resources: