DMS Admission Criteria

To be considered for admission to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) program, the applicant must:

  1. Be admitted to Albany State University (ASU).
    • You may apply on-line at Albany State University's Office of Admissions webpage.
    • Please do not send the ASU application or fee to the DMS Program. The two application processes are separate and no additional fee is required when submitting the DMS Program application.
  2. Submit the completed DMS application by the June 1st deadline
    • The student must complete and submit a Diagnostic Medical Sonography application by the June 1st deadline for fall admission to the Health Sciences office, located in J-210. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all application material has been completed by utilizing the checklist at the end of the application.
      • Must include an Observational Hours Form verifying a minimum of 30 observational hours in a Diagnostic Medical Sonography setting (located in application packet).
      • Must include at least one Recommendation Form (located in application packet).
      • Must include copies of all transcripts from previous colleges/universities or technical schools.
  3. Must ensure the applicant meets the following minimum requirements.
    • Must complete a minimum of 30 observational hours of experience in one or more Diagnostic Medical Sonography settings. This excludes 3D/4D ultrasound facilities.
      • The hours must be documented and verified/signed by a Sonographer.
      • An Observational Hours Form is located within the application packet.
    • At least one recommendation form must be completed by the sonographer observational hours were completed with. The required Recommendation Form is located within the application packet and may be photocopied for additional recommendations.
    • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) (all previous courseworkattempted) of 2.5 is required.
      • Pre-requisite courses must be completed prior to the start of the program with a grade of “C” or better.

Selection Process

After the June 1st deadline, the DMS Selection Committee reviews and scores each application. Applications will be processed and all applicants will be contacted via email no later than June 15. The top 20 applicants will be sent an invitation via email for a personal interview. Scoring is based on the following criteria: prerequisite course completion, cumulative GPA, the number of hours observed in one or more diagnostic medical sonography settings, previous health care experience or a degree/certificate in an allied health field, the personal interview, and appropriate recommendations received.

After completion of interviews, the top 16 applicants will be selected. Correspondence of acceptance or regret will be made through email and should be received no later than July 12. Selected students must confirm their intent to enroll in writing (via e-mail) within 10 days of their acceptance e-mail. A student that fails to respond in the appropriate time will forfeit their position. The DMS program does not utilize a waiting list and those denied acceptance must reapply the following year.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Albany State University, in compliance with Federal law, does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, handicap, sex, religion, or age in any of its policies, practices, or procedures. This includes but is not limited to admissions, employment, financial aid, and educational services.

Legal Limitations

Individuals who have a criminal record may not be eligible for licensure. Therefore, it is recommended that he or she contact the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) to verify eligibility for licensure. All students will be required to complete a national criminal background check prior to placement in clinical practicums. Clinical facilities also require a drug screen prior to placement. The clinical affiliate determines whether a student can participate in the clinical rotation based upon the results of the background check and drug screen. Should the student be denied clinical placement, he or she cannot progress through the program and will be dismissed. Careful consideration of any questionable record should be carefully scrutinized prior to application, as eligibility

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