Auxiliary News

Parking Updates 2024

Improvements to the ASU grounds

What to Expect:

The below parking spaces are permanently eliminated to allow for emergency vehicle access. Curbs are painted yellow to denote “No Parking” at each location.

  1. West Campus, street parking along East Access Drive. Available parking at Simulation building.

The below parking spaces are being implemented. Curves are being painted green to denote faculty/staff parking and white to denote open parking.

  1. West Campus, Simulation Building. Faculty/Staff and open parking available.

General Information

Please be aware of the changes and adjust your travel time on campus to account for any delays getting to a vacant parking space.

Your patience and assistance in adjusting to the new traffic flow and parking routines on campus to make ASU a safer and more secure place to be are appreciated. 

Remember that yellow curbs indicate that the space is a “No Parking Zone.”  Green curbs indicate faculty/staff parking and white spaces indicate visitor spaces. Vehicles should be parked in authorized areas according to the corresponding parking permit in which the vehicle is registered.

Be mindful that parking in unauthorized parking spaces, along yellow curbs, or blocking traffic in any location that could cause a life, safety issue may result in the vehicle being fined and/or towed at the owner’s expense. 

Students, faculty, staff and visitors are responsible for adhering to the Traffic and Safety Regulations set forth by ASU PD and the Parking Services Department. These may be located on the Parking Services website.

Park Safe, Stay Safe!

For questions or concerns, please reach out to Parking Services at or 229.500.2886.

For more information regarding parking regulations, please refer to the Parking Procedure.