Parking Services

2024 Summer Vehicle Registration

To register your vehicle for Summer only, fill out the Vehicle Registration form.

The form can be found out front of the Auxiliary Services office located in the Student Center, West Campus or email to obtain the form. Return form to Auxiliary Parking Services.

See below for Permit Payment process.

After completing the Vehicle Registration and payment has been made, permits can be picked up at the following location:

West Campus, Student Center, Auxiliary Services, RM 107, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

2024 - 2025 Vehicle Registration will open on August 1, 2024

To register your vehicle click the link below. Registration is available to all students and faculity/staff starting August 1, 2024.

Vehicle Registration

After completing the Vehicle Registration online and payment has been made, permits can be picked up at the following location:

West Campus, Student Center, Auxiliary Services, RM 107, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

East Campus, Only through August 14 - 23, C.W. Grant Student Union, 2nd Floor Lobby, Monday - Friday, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Permit Payment Process

To make a payment for your Parking Permit please see below:

Make payment: Follow the steps outlined below. Financial Aid funds will not pay for a parking permit even if sufficient funds are available on the account. When paying online be sure to enter the amount in which you are paying, $30, $25 or $60, even if there is a balance remaining on the account. *Please be aware of a processing fee for debit/credit card transactions.

    1. Navigate to
    2. Click on “Students”.
    3. Click on “ASU TouchNet Student Portal”.
    4. Select ‘Current Account Balance"
    5. Enter the amount of the permit in which you are purchasing into the amount box.
    6. Complete payment process.

To pay by cash or check, make payment at Ram Central, West Campus, Student Center, prior to picking up your permit.

Pickup parking permit: Permits will NOT be available for pickup until 24 hours after the vehicle is registered and the fee paid.

The vehicle must be registered and the permit fee paid in order to have a parking permit issued. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Color-Coded Parking Designation

Green-Numbered Reserved Faculty & Staff. Individuals who purchase a reserved space are assigned to reserved parking are designated a specific parking space. In the event individuals choose to travel to other areas on campus, a general Faculty & Staff space must be utilized. 
Green Faculty and Staff Parking ONLY. These spaces are designated for employees. Students who are employed by ASU in any capacity are not considered faculty/staff and are not entitled to receive permits or park in these areas.
Orange Student Parking Only. These spaces are designated for residential and commuter students whom are currently enrolled ASU students who either live on campus or drive to ASU each day.
White Visitor Parking ONLY. These spaces are designated for individuals who visit the ASU campus and are not currently enrolled ASU students or faculty/staff members. Currently enrolled ASU students, faculty and staff are not permitted to park in visitor parking spaces. 
Blue Handicap Parking ONLY. These spaces are designated for individuals who have a permit which is a valid/lawful handicapped license plate. Only these individuals will be allowed to park in handicapped parking. All others will be subject to citations and towing. 


Proper Display and Use of Parking Permits

All students, faculty, and staff who park a vehicle on campus must obtain and properly display an appropriate parking permit at all times.

Parking permits are not transferrable, which means the permit cannot be loaned to another operator to use. 

Permit Placement

Student, Faculty, and Staff permits must be permanently affixed to the vehicle outside the lower left corner of the rear windshield.

Permits must not be falsified, forged, or altered. The use of parking permits by operators other than the operator to whom the permit has been issued is prohibited, and a fine will be assessed. 

Motorcycles must permanently affix permits on the front forks of the motorcycle.

Parking Tips

  • A State approved Handicapped Parking Permit must be displayed to park in accessible designated spaces.
  • Arrive early enough to locate a parking space prior to classes and/or meetings.
  • Be mindful of where you are parking.
  • Do not block entrances or exits. 
  • Do not park in areas painted with yellow curbs.
  • Do not park in unauthorized parking spaces.
  • Do not back-in or pull through parking spaces.
  • Learn the classification of designated parking spaces to understand where you are authorized to park.
  • Park in student authorized spaces only.
  • Parking permits are non-transferrable, which means the permits cannot be loaned to another operator for use.
  • Properly display the parking permit when parking on campus.
  • When expecting visitors, a visitor parking permit must be obtained from ASU Parking Service.
  • When registering for classes, allow enough time to walk from one class to another.
  • Vehicle windows should be up and doors locked when parking on campus. Try to leave valuables at home or conceal them in the vehicle.