About Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services Department of Albany State University (ASU) is comprised of the Bookstore, Dining Services to include Meal Plans, Card Services, Events/Campus Scheduling, Parking Services, Print/Copy Services, Student Transportation Service and Vending Operations.

Units are either owned, operated or managed by Albany State University and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia or services are contracted with an outside vendor. All units operate independently of each other. It is the responsibility of the Director of Auxiliary Services to ensure that all units function efficiently within contractual guidelines as well as within the rules and regulations set forth by the State of Georgia, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the University.

Bookstore is operated and managed by Follett Higher Education Group (FHEG). The Albany State University Bookstore is located on the East Campus: C.W. Grant Student Union, Second Floor, 504 College Drive, Albany, Georgia 31705.

Dining/Food Service at Albany State University operations are provided through a management agreement with Aladdin, a division of Elior, North America. The dining contractor is responsible for all dining operations on campus to include catering for on-campus events as well as for third-party organizations renting facilities on campus. Catering policies mandate that requests for food, beverages, refreshments, etc. can be arranged through the dining contractor on campus at the time of the event.

Students residing in residence halls owned, operated or managed by the University are required to purchase a meal plan; however, students may choose which meal plan best suits his/her needs. Exceptions may apply per residence hall and will be described on the board plan option description. Questions and issues related to meal plans for Resident students, Commuter students, Faculty and Staff should be directed to the Meal Plans Coordinator at mealplans@asurams.edu or via phone at 229-500-2886. 

Events/Campus Scheduling at Albany State University is accepting requests for use of campus facilities from community or third-party organizations. Submitting a request at that time will not guarantee approval. The academic, social and athletic requirements of ASU students, faculty and staff will have priority.

All events, programs, camps or activities sponsored by ASU or hosted as third party events on the campus must abide by the ASU and Board of Regents of the University System Protection for Interaction with Non-Student Minors policy, pay all costs associated with the event and adhere to rules and regulations as outlined in the rental agreement and abide by all other rules and procedures as outlined in the Events and Facility Use Manual and the ASU Events/Summer Camp Manuals pertinent to the type of event. The University has designated specific public service forum areas on both the East and West Campus. Procedures for use of those areas are outlined in the Campus Events and Facility Use Procedures Manual. Questions and issues related to events should be directed to the Events Coordinator at events@asurams.edu or via phone at 229-500-2885.

Parking Services at Albany State University is such - All vehicles driven on the ASU campuses must be registered with the University to include but not limited to those driven by faculty, staff, students, visitors and volunteers. The registration permit payment amounts are as followed: Students - $30.00, Faculty and Staff - $25.00, Annual Visitors - $12.00. The Parking Quick Guide and Parking Procedures gives you information as where to register a vehicle, make a permit payment and explaining the assigned parking. Questions and issues related to parking should be directed to the Parking Services Coordinator at parkingservices@asurams.edu or via phone at 229-500-2886.

Student Transportation (Ram Rush) is contracted with the City of Albany/Albany Transit System and will operate the Ram Rush transportation service in accordance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines.

The University is excited to collaborate with the City of Albany and the Albany Transit System to offer bus services to and from the West Campus and East Campus. As an added bonus, students qualified to ride the Ram Rush may also ride any City Transit bus to any location in Albany serviced by the transit system free of charge. A qualified student is one who has paid all of his/her tuition and fees to include the Transportation Fee. There are three bus stops on each campus. Each bus will stop at all three locations when on the respective campuses. Operational route and hours can be located on the Ram Rush Routes page. Normal hours are Monday through Friday with limited service on Saturday. The bus transit does not operate on Sunday.

Funds from auxiliary unit revenues must be used to fund the operation of each respective unit. This may include but is not limited to replacing equipment, computers, point-of-sale systems, dining equipment, general operation, and personal services expenses. No student, state or federal funds may be used to purchase any product or equipment that is considered a part of an auxiliary operation. All costs incurred while operating auxiliary units must be paid from revenue generated from the sale of products and services.

ASU is committed to serving the students, faculty, and staff in a friendly and professional environment. The department is student-oriented and customer service centered.