Admission Criteria

To be considered for admission to the Histologic Technician program, the applicant must:

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR OUT-OF-STATE APPLICANTS: Every state government regulates whether universities located in other states can enroll students in online programs. This process is called “state authorization.”  Some states do not allow their students to enroll students in online programs at outside universities at all; other states charge the outside universities high fees to enroll even one student from that state.  For this reason, Albany State University may not be able to enroll students from outside Georgia in every online program we offer.  We accept students from as many states as possible. Please visit this link, to find out if your state is authorized for Albany State University.

Histologic Technician Degree Route

The student must have completed 35 hours of general education courses towards the degree to include College Algebra, Chemistry and Biology (Anatomy and Physiology) with a grade of “C” or higher. In addition the student must have completed all learning support courses.

Histologic Technician Certificate Route

A prior college degree is required and must include College Algebra, Chemistry, and Biology (preferably A&P) with a grade of “C” or higher. In addition the student must have completed all learning support courses.

The student must complete a Histologic Technician Application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all application material has been completed by utilizing the checklist at the end of the application.

Must include one completed grade point average form. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) (all coursework ever attempted), or you may choose to substitute the cumulative GPA with another GPA by calculating only the last 35 credit hours attempted. The forms are located within the application packet.

Must include verification of a minimum of 2 observational hours.

Must include two completed Recommendation Forms. The forms are located within the application packet.

Must include copies of all transcripts (unofficial accepted) from previous colleges/universities or technical schools.

Must include the physical form and immunization records with verification of Hepatitis B series.

In addition to the above requirements, the student must also demonstrate:

  • visual acuity (with or without corrective lenses) to observe and perform technical procedures; to identify and differentiate specimens, reagents and equipment; to read laboratory manuals, procedures, policies, specimen labels and materials pertinent to professional practice.
  • physical ability to manipulate laboratory instruments and equipment in a manner consistent with operational procedures.
  • manual dexterity to operate laboratory equipment and use tools in a manner consistent with operational guidelines.

Selection Process

After the June 30th extended deadline or November 30th extended deadline, the HT Program Director reviews and scores each application. After completion of scoring, the top 20 applicants for fall or the top 10 applicants for spring will be selected. Correspondence of acceptance or regret will be made through the mail or e-mail and should be received no later than July 15th for fall and December 10th for spring. Scoring is based on the following criteria: GPA (cumulative or last 35-hrs), the number of hours observed in a Histology Laboratory setting, appropriate professional recommendations received, clinical affiliation (online only), and completed HT application. The Albany State University HT program does not utilize a waiting list and those denied acceptance must re-apply if not being considered for the next matriculation.

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