Program Goals

“Histology” by definition means the study of tissue. “Histotechnology” refers to all practical and theoretical skills required to prepare both animal and human tissues for microscopic examination. The Histotechnician (HT) is an allied health professional who is qualified by academic and practical training to provide these necessary skills.

The Albany State University Darton College of Health Professions Histologic Technician Program prepares students to perform as Histotechnicians as evidenced by passing the National Board exam administered by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). Students of the Histologic Technician Program receive training in the following content areas that make up the ASCP HT examination curriculum.

  • Students will demonstrate professional conduct and interpersonal communication skills with patients, laboratory personnel, and other health care personnel.
  • Students will demonstrate patient confidentiality in the preparation of all histopathology tests.
  • Students will perform histological procedures involving tissue specimen including: fixation, embedding, microtomy, frozen sectioning, and staining paraffin embedded tissue.
  • Students will demonstrate proper laboratory safety techniques including the handling of chemicals and biohazardous waste.
  • Students will demonstrate competence in the theoretical knowledge and technical skills necessary to perform as entry level histotechnicians.
  • Students will troubleshoot staining problems and take appropriate corrective actions.
  • Students will develop critical thinking skills through student/teacher interaction.
  • Students will perform and monitor quality control within predetermined limits.
  • Students will perform preventive maintenance of equipment and instruments or refer to appropriate sources for repairs.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ongoing professional development.


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