Clinical Assignments

The Histologic Technician program provides clinical training opportunities for students with many hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. Clinical assignments are made by the program faculty with approved affiliates for on campus students only.

Students successfully completing the program on campus during the fall semester will participate in a graded clinical practicum in the spring.

Students accepted with “Full Status” will receive assignment in one of the program’s clinical affiliates. If clinical sites are not available for “full status” students, the following procedure will occur:

  • Students with the highest GPA within program courses will be placed in the available sites first.
  • If we have identical GPAs, overall GPA will be considered and used to place students.

Students accepted into the program with an “Alternate Status” designation may experience a delayed enrollment in MLTS 1340 Externship. These students will be placed in affiliates on a space available basis.

It is not possible to guarantee specific requests for clinical assignments due to the limited available space in the affiliate laboratories. The student should be prepared to travel to the clinical training facility.

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