Albany State University Broadcast Center Provides Hands-On Experience

By: Rachel Lawrence

Students enrolled in the Albany State University (ASU) College of Arts and Sciences Mass Communication program receive hands-on experience in the ASU Broadcast Center. The Broadcast Center employs student workers who assist in the daily operations of the television station ASU-TV Channel 19 and the 24-hour radio station Real 92.7 WASU-FM.

 “The importance of a student-run media facility allows students to express ideas, and concepts through an electronic medium, as well as learn how to construct stories and engage in thought-provoking conversations with today’s newsmakers,” said Director of the ASU Broadcast Center, Connie Williams.

The ASU Broadcast Center provides hands-on experience for the two concentrations in the mass communication program; media arts, and public relations and strategic communications. Media arts students serve as the production crew for the broadcast center. Public relations and strategic communications students serve as producers, directors of public relations campaigns, and social media managers.

The benefits of a student-run radio and television station enables mass communication majors to operate both studio and field production equipment. The mass communication program’s hands-on courses give students the flexibility to chart their own career path—allowing them to focus on the skills that are most valuable to them and sharpen their skills as audio producers, filmmakers, producers, writers, journalists, content creators, and social influencers.

Jamil Harden

 “Involvement in ASU TV and WASU-FM 92.7 significantly expands the student skill set and shapes each student into a media practitioner,” added Williams.

Graduating senior Jamil Harden said of her experience, “It has been nothing short of amazing. As a production team assistant, it has been quite the opportunity. The versatility in assignments has allowed me to realize that you can't box in creativity. While being under Ms. William's leadership, I am now more than capable to produce amazing work that can potentially be seen or heard by others.” 

One of the programs on Channel 19 is the Ram News Network (RNN). With RNN, mass communication majors receive the opportunity for a real-world reporting experience. 

Destiny Jackson, a senior mass communication major is one of three student news anchors at Channel 19.  “During my time here at ASU I have been on a search for somewhere I fit in within my major. When I heard news of there being a news team I was overjoyed and ready to try something new”, said Jackson.

Destiny Jackson

“Being a part of the Ram News Network has given me insight for my potential career path and has opened many doors for me. I have conducted interviews, written scripts, handled equipment, and even helped with editing some of the news segments. I would encourage many other students to pursue this opportunity,” she added.

The Mass Communication program is also equipped with tools to help students achieve excellence in education. Students are provided access to an assortment of cameras, tripods, light kits, audio recorders, extended lenses, microphones and other items needed to complete professional productions.

* ASU-TV broadcasts throughout the Albany area and surrounding southwest Georgia counties on Mediacom channel 19, and on campus on College Cable on channel 7. It can also be streamed online