ASU Commencement Spotlight: Jayvon Brown, Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education


ASU Commencement Spotlight: Jayvon Brown
Kindergarten Teacher, SLAM Academy of Atlanta

Jayvon Brown

Jayvon Brown

Jayvon Brown, from Columbus, will graduate on May 5 with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. He believes empowering a student through education is the most valuable support you can give to a child. Brown has been a member of several organizations, such as Trusted Leaders of the Campus, Center for the Advancement of African American Males, Center for Undergraduate Research, Pre-Alumni Association, Student Activity Advisory Board, NAACP and Habitat for Humanity. He received an internship facilitated through the Association of American Publishers and the United Negro College Fund. He also participated in a professional development workshop for Historically Black College & University students and alumni in the field of education. The workshop was sponsored by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund – Teacher Quality Retention Program. Brown has had more than 10 job offers.

What are your post graduation plans?

  I plan to work as a kindergarten teacher at SLAM Academy of Atlanta. I will be a chartering member of the newly introduced charter school, which infuses sports, leadership, arts and management into the lessons and curriculum. I plan to attend graduate school at Georgia State University to obtain a master of education in educational leadership.

What do you love most about your chosen profession?

  I love being in the field of education for several reasons. One of the reasons is because I love children. I think children are some of the most creative and fun beings, and we lose our creative and fun flare as we get older. I enjoy interacting with children and learning how they think, to see how I can encourage others to take a break from adult life and live like a child for a second. Just interacting with children is not the only stop. I love to make children think and express themselves through academics. I love seeing students struggle with content before I use my pedagogical skills to instruct them. Once I implement teaching strategies and see how students begin to grasp the skill or content, it truly brings a smile to my face. I also enjoy being able to mentor, motivate and captivate students minds through mediums which are not just popular culture. As an educator, I get to enrich students minds and be a role model to children across a spectrum of ages.

Who made the biggest impact on you and who is someone you consider to be a role model at ASU?

  The College of Education has had a great impact on my life. Each professor in the department has tested my willingness to be an educator. I have been challenged in ways that I did not expect. I learned how to think more critically and be a successful responder to social situations. I truly did not think I would learn so many different useful tactics to be a professional from having casual conversations with my professor. One person who is a role model to me is my advisor, Dr. Tiffany Pogue. Dr. Pogue has a true story to tell, and her story gave me motivation in so many ways. Being in her classes, I have been captivated to think on a professional level and pushed to defy the odds. Not only was she my advisor, but she was also my faculty mentor for an undergraduate research project. As I was completing my undergraduate research, she always made it clear that we need to get the research published. As a faculty mentor, she tried to bring out the greatness that I had refused to acknowledge. I look up to her as a role model as well, because outside her job as an assistant professor, she indulges in social and racial issues. I have learned about being culturally responsive in my teaching. Dr. Pogue has enriched myself and my peers understanding of social normality’s, race and culture, professionalism and many other topics that are useful when being a lifelong learner. Ultimately, I plan on being an inspiration to others as Dr. Tiffany Pogue has been to me and my graduating cohort.

What advice would you give to students with an interest in ASU and your chosen profession?

  Explore everything Albany State University has to offer. I had to utilize almost every office at Albany State in one way or another. Albany State University has a lot to offer students and not many people take use of these opportunities. Through my undergraduate experience, I have participated in undergraduate research, been admitted to exclusive social groups, orchestrate community service events, become more connected to a religion and been given the chance to participate in several leadership roles.

College is a great experience to learn about yourself, develop lifelong friends, create the image you would like to see, and create lifelong memories. It is your choice to take every misfortune or success and learn from it. I personally have had several humbling experiences at Albany State University and through all those situations I have gained something so much more rewarding.

If your chosen field of study is education, my advice to you is to keep God first. He has helped me through a lot of these assignments and requirements to be a certified educator. Also, learn from others and develop your reflection skills. As adults, we do not take time to thoroughly reflect on our decisions, so before embarking on a college education, reflect on how your life is and how it will be post-graduate life. Lastly, embrace the opportunity to be in college, especially at an HBCU. There are several entities that would not like to see you prosper at an HBCU or in general. Prove those people wrong and do great things at Albany State University, just as I did, and be the best you that you can be.



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