Campus Message: Fall 2017 Enrollment and Transition Team

Dear ASU community:

The University System of Georgia released the official Semester Enrollment Report for fall 2017 today. It showed that we experienced a 7.6 percent decline in enrollment compared to last year. See the USG enrollment report for more details.

It is imperative that we continue to work on turning this enrollment trend around for the health and sustainability of Albany State University.

I am encouraged to see that we have already taken some initial steps to improve our enrollment management process that contributed to some specific aspects of the report.

Our incoming first-time, freshman class grew 66 percent with 1,430 students enrolled for this fall semester. Last year we had 863 students enroll for fall semester 2016. This is encouraging; however, we must also be addressing how we support students so they keep advancing towards college completion.

Meanwhile, we also experienced a 68 percent increase in our Dual Enrollment program. This program provides a wonderful opportunity for the community and ASU, as we help high school students get a head start on earning college credits.

To be clear though, all of us need to act as recruiters for Albany State and work together to address our enrollment challenges. As announced last week, the transition team is heavily weighted with enrollment management experts.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the Albany State members of the transition team. You will note the continued emphasis on enrollment management and student experience. Both of these areas are essential to growing Albany State’s enrollment.

Enrollment Management and Student Experience:

  • Andre Armour - president, Student Government Association
  • Frances Carr
  • Michara Delaney
  • Wendy Kennedy
  • Stephanie Lawrence
  • William Moore
  • Jan Rogers
  • B. Donta Truss


  • DeAndre Cochrane - senior vice president, Student Government Association
  • Kimberly Holmes
  • Carol Ann Ham
  • Alicia Jackson
  • Kerri Johnson
  • Hema Mason
  • Zephyrinus Okonkwo
  • Seyed Roosta

Human Resources:

  • Kimberly Carter
  • April Hawkins
  • Kristine Jones
  • Shawn McGee


  • Randae Davis
  • Charles L. Durrah - vice president east, Student Government Association
  • Denise Ward
  • Cameron Southerland - vice president west, Student Government Association

Together, we can be more effective at supporting and retaining our current and incoming students. They are the foundation for strong enrollment and ultimately Albany State’s role in providing the talent needed for tomorrow’s workforce here in Albany and Southwest Georgia.

Marion Fedrick
Executive Vice President