Faculty Spotlight: Anita Allen, Chief of Police

Anita Allen serves as the Albany State University (ASU) Chief of Police. Chief Allen has been named as the 3rd Vice President of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP). Anita Allen 3rd VP of the Georgia Chiefs of Police

Chief Allen earned her associate degree from Grace Bible College and Seminary. She also earned her Master's and Bachelor’s degrees from the North Carolina College of Theology. Recently, she earned her Master's She is also a state certified general instructor from the Georgia Public Safety Training Center Instructor School. She has received multiple certifications from the Georgia Public Training Center, a Certificate of Management By Strengths (MBS) Team Building, and is a graduate of the 17 - 53 session of the Chief Executive Class. 

While serving at Fort Valley State University, she was awarded with the 14th Annual Grantsmanship Training & Recognition Institute Newcomer of the Year Award. She was also awarded the Recognition of Outstanding Performance and Commitment to Community Award from the Dougherty County District Attorney’s Office.                              

What is your role at Albany State University and what motivated you to learn more about your field?
I serve as the Chief of Police at ASU. I have served in a Chief’s role for 3 years, 9 months before my return to ASU. I manage and oversee the full spectrum of operations for campus safety.

My motivation is to ensure that I serve with the highest quality of customer service to the people I serve, having an open line of communication with community policing between students and law enforcement, and building relationships with community partners while promoting excellence in service, and just showing the community that I care. Also, mentoring and coaching police staff to do the same as we all take on the role of servant leaders.

What is your role as 3rd Vice President of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police?
The association’s goals are to promote cooperative, professional relationships throughout the state, to evaluate the standards of police institutions and the profession, to offer quality training and continuing education for administrators, and to provide opportunities for police executives to exchange information and experiences.

The Third Vice President shall assist the President in conducting the business and policies of the Association. In the absence or inability of the President and other Vice Presidents, the Third Vice President shall be directed to assume the duties of the President and perform such other duties as are prescribed by the Executive Board. The Third Vice President will also determine that all Association funds are collected and disbursed according to accepted accounting principles and in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association and policies adopted by the Executive Board.

What are the components of your platform/what do you hope to achieve?
I want to change perspectives on both sides of our current issues in policing with transparency, gaining the trust and bridging the gap with our communities. I am also focused on employee wellness: addressing realistic issues that our police officers are currently facing. I want to be an agent for change and I am dedicated to helping enhance ways to improve policing throughout the state of Georgia.

Why did you choose to work at ASU?
I am simply returning home to a great institution where I can be a resource, agent for change and a servant leader to ASU campus community.

What do you love most about working at ASU?
Community and Student engagement, implementing programs within the police department to help support with student engagement, and seeing the growth and success of the department.

Who made the biggest impact on you and who is someone you consider to be a role model? 
The biggest impact to me is seeing the smile of a student that has conquered a challenged and I was there to help them along the way. To know a student, feel safe and campus safety is a resource to them to motivate, educate and support them through their college experience is exciting for me. My mother is one of the biggest supporters in my life. 

Teaching me to love me for who I am, never compare myself to others and stand for what is right, always serving others in love and compassion even when you don’t receive it in return, helping others by creating opportunities for hope and possibilities, and showing others that you truly care makes the difference verses just speaking it and no action to show for it.  

What are obstacles you’ve had to overcome to progress in your field?
As a female leader, the trauma of disappointment, hurt and outcast from others was a challenge. As I carried the weight, I had to reflect and meditate on my faith to help overcome challenges. Staying the course of my purpose, encouraging myself daily while walking through my storm has made me strong and confident so that I can be a light for others.    

What advice would you give to students with an interest in your job?
Be the best you can be.  Stay in your lane and run your race. Make every day count. Allow your college experience to provide an opportunity to be your start in your career. You are a walking resume. Every choice you make comes with a consequence, good or bad. Make the choice that will promote your growth and builds a platform of success. Obedience is always better than sacrifice. You must value you first before anyone else will. If you fail, get back up. Where there is life there is hope. Where there is hope, the impossible becomes possible.